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28th Apr 2003, 09:21
Whilst I do love watching people relentlessly throw themselves off cliffs and/or hurtle into stonking great avalanches in the name of entertainment I can't help thinking that the resulting dry cleaning bills must be terrifying!

So, with some help from my trusty housemates (and a lot of spare time) I set about creating a new extreme sport, the result...EXTREME HOPSCOTCH!!! Its almost exactly like Hopscotch but with the addition of Vodka/Whiskey/Lighter Fluid and pillows.

Just wondering if any JB'ers had ideas for their own extreme sports? (and keep your hands off mine, im in talks with MTV as we speak!)

28th Apr 2003, 10:26
Slight correction from Ebbs' flatmate:

It's also extreme because:

a) It's on our upstairs landing, taped onto the carpet
b) It thus passes the bathroom, and we live with a very smelly man
c) Not all of the "squares" are square
d) "Squares" 8, 9 & 10 aren't even vaguely in the right places
e) It's at the top of the stairs - dangerous when combined with vodka
f) Due to a loop-hole in the rules, much of it has to be done hopping backwards
g) It's black tape, so it's MANLY :ok:
h) The orders of the numbers change at random(ish)
i) The smelly flatmate mentioned above attempts to throw pillows/misc. at us as we hop
j) It is still in it's infancy, and is having other elements attached all the time.

Possibilities include:

(i) Extending it into the upstairs rooms - crossing the original hopscotch "matrix" - forming an action-packed "multiplayer" game!

(ii) Something with knives. Knives would be good. Possibly on strings

(iii) "Squares" on the wall, possibly for use with hands

(iv) Hopping to a kick-ass beat

(v) Some form of "board", because all the cool eXtreme sports have them

(vi) Utilising the staircase in some way

(vii) Possibly incorporating live animals, preferably fluffy

(viii) Less use of (eXtreme) Roman Numerals

(ix) Ebbs not using his contact lenses

(x) Naked ladies. Lots and lots of Naked ladies.
We need the Naked ladies.

Does anybody have any opinion on what we could introduce?
Anything new?
Some way of increasing the Naked Lady quotient?
Possibly a fluffy, naked animal hybrid?

Cheers -
Maf (Ebbs' Aviation-Illiterate flatmate)
(*Love and Hugs*)

28th Apr 2003, 10:53
Fascinating game, Ebbs ... look forward to seeing the results of your creativity on the screen one day. ;)

Since this idea was born out of a concern for dry-cleaning bills, I assume it is played either in the nude or while wearing a protective suit. I'd go for the protective gear because you could then introduce a time element by using material which dissolved on contact with alcohol, thus the need to get a move-on would be fairly significant.

How about exploding squares or ones which were paper-thin so that the player's foot went straight through. Squares should be changed at random and without notice.

You could have a "superglue square" which holds the player effectively in place ... preferably where the knives, flames etc. are thickest.

One or two "safe" squares should be included where nothing can happen to the player while he/she has a think about the next moves. This would nicely prolong the ag... err ... entertainment.

Extra points could be awarded for those players who finish the game while still having the same number of arms and legs with which they started.

Bonus points could be accumulated by picking up small, furry animals installed at random points throughout the game ... some of these could be exploding decoys for which, of course, a player would lose points along with several fingers etc..


28th Apr 2003, 11:40
My personal favourite is "Extreme Tequila Slammers"

You begin with the usual set up....

Next, drink tequila shot in one,

slurp salt from back of hand, and finally

squeeze lime in eye!!!

Others might know this as "Suicide Slammers."

try it.....its fun. I think.:uhoh:

Anthony Carn
28th Apr 2003, 16:06
If you succeed in attracting some naked ladies (bits of fluff ?) then can I play ?

BlueDiamond's superglue squares would then be an excellent idea ! :E :ok:

simon brown
28th Apr 2003, 21:37
How about "bungee climbing" where the elastic is anchored at the bottom gets stretched to its maximum forcing the person off the rock face.

For the tree huggers theres also "clay fish angling". This involves throwing clay fish in the river with a piece of metal attached. You then cast your line with a magnet to catch them...

29th Apr 2003, 01:12
Ahh, derranged minds working overtime...this is just what we need!

BlueDiamond - I love it! Were attempting to snare a dozen or so squirrels as we speak but i'm not sure how the furry little devils will take to having weapons grade explosives secured upon them. Time shall no doubt tell. It's funny you should mention superglue as I too have big plans for this particular medium.

SevernTMA - Why! Why, why, why! Having said this I'm almost certain I shall find myself scraping lime pips out of my eyes this weekend :{

There are possible plans to launch a website with explicit (detailed, not nude!) instructions, but there is also the small matter of a few exams :(

29th Apr 2003, 06:28
A game to be played in a car in a VERY hot country, but probably not a game for the whole family to play.

Seal yourself and mates in a car whilst driving to your destination. Turn the heating full on and close all the windows. Under no circumstances is the aircon to be used.

First one to open the window loses. Simple but very effective.


29th Apr 2003, 06:39
Try this for another lot of dangerous pastimes.



29th Apr 2003, 06:43
Okay, with my well publicised experience I'll introduce the extreme drinking game of golf. 18 pubs, each given a a par ranging from 1 to 4. Par indicates how many sips you are allowed to down a pint. Low par holes typically appear on the back nine. Certain pubs are designated water hazards - i.e. no toilet visits permitted. They too seem to flurish in the back nine. Other pubs designated no swearing, typically front nine - you swear you drop a shot. So 18 pints in a night, 9 hole course available for the wimps.


Capn Notarious
29th Apr 2003, 06:53
Downhill underwater hang gliding.

That was one of the alternative activities he talked about. There is cross country conkers: I believe one has to be running at the time of taking the shot.

29th Apr 2003, 14:17
Played a game of 'extreme hopscotch' with a two and a half meter long Cobra in the car port last night. Bloody thing wouldn't go the way I wanted it to (back into the jungle over the fence), leaving me, two dogs and a snake dancing all over the place like a bunch of looneys, keeping out of each others way. Being 1 am in the morning, the fun wore off after about half an hour, so me and the dogs gave up and we sent for the Bomba (The Fire Brigade. Over here they have special equipment for dealing with snakes) It occurred to me at the time that it would make an interesting extreme sport but apart from the thrill, its pretty exhausting for a middle aged geezer like me. Just the job for healthy young University Student type people though...

PS. I might be able to do a deal on Common Cobras if they're in short supply where you live. We have more than enough of the little b*ggers in my Kampong.

Through difficulties to the cinema

1st May 2003, 00:58
Pissed up corridor cricket is good fun, though rather dangerous depending upon the weight and type of ball used. Generally the more pissed everyone gets the more likely a corky or even a golf ball is to be used, with holes in doors and upset wardens a distinct possibility.

P.S. Corridor cricket with a golf ball is truly deadly and should only be attempted late at night after 30 units of alcohol.

1st May 2003, 01:15
Extreme carpet bowls......or how about extreme badminton.

1st May 2003, 15:31
I thought the suicide slammers were

Throw drink in face.
Snort salt
Then squirt lemon/lime in eye.