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27th Oct 2001, 10:45
I am registered in the ATPL conversion brush up course starting 10th Dec at Oxford. I have never really been outside LHR can someone recomend a place to stay near Oxford for 2 weeks? Thanks

Flying Kiwi
27th Oct 2001, 23:45
Try Mrs Philips on 1865 374189. Right next to the airport at Kidlington and cheaper than most also. Enjoyed my stay very much.



Chirpy Pilot
28th Oct 2001, 00:55
The Randolf springs to mind. Excellent afternoon tea!

30th Oct 2001, 00:06

Failing that you could try the Old Parsonage Hotel. A touch pricy at 150.00 a room ,but the sausages are second to none.

Now, that reminds me of the night with that girl from the Cowley road in there, a bottle of bubbly and.........

Sorry got to go chaps.Ho ho.

Constant Speed DU
30th Oct 2001, 00:22
Go and stay in Woodstock if you have a car. It's about 3 mins drive and very nice with some good pubs i.e The Crown. I used to live on w/stocj when I was at OATS. Look up w/stock on the internet. I know the Crown has accomodation above it, not too far to stumble! Alternatively if you are looking to spend proper money - the feathers is the one for you. If you stat there poromise me you'll rent the room that the lovely Gwenth Paltrow stayed in .

tengah chum
30th Oct 2001, 00:38
Try Blenheim Guest House
17 Park St Woodstock
01993 813814 5 mins from Kidlington
or Burleigh Farm Bed & Breakfast
Bladon Rd Cassington
01865 881352
5-10 mins
Enjoy your stay

30th Oct 2001, 10:06
Oxford eh? Poor sod - the silky marketing department got to you too!!!!

Most of the Algerian asylum seekers swear by Campsfield House, conveniently located over the road from the plusher accomodation afforded to BA cadets in the days when such people existed. If not, try Upper Heyford Open Prison as recommended by self-sponsored students (now languishing in Arizona Open Prison)!

Seriously, try Woodstock (very posh) or if you have transport, some very good value houses in Eynsham about 6 miles away on the A40.

Enjoy Oxford (tee hee hee!!!). :rolleyes:

Chirpy Pilot
30th Oct 2001, 15:00
Dear Tailscrape!

Surely there can't be 2 girls from the Cowley Road. How unusual, did she leave you with a dent on your plastic. It was worth it anyway. Another meaning to afternoon tea and crumpet. That it explainss why it took me soo long to leave Oxford :p

30th Oct 2001, 15:22
If you contact CSE at Kidlington they will provide you with long lists of local accom'from renting a room in a private house to lux' hotac, with the full spectrum in between. If its not CSE who are providing the training, just ring with a speculative enquiry & ask them to send accom' list,worked for me !.

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