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27th Apr 2003, 09:08
Rugz has today taken the long awaited plunge and had his first, and may I add most definately not his last, flying lesson.

The weather was overcast and it was raining a tad, so the instructor gave me the option of cancelling. I of course said I'd be more than happy going up in the bad weather and what a time we had.

I'm convinced I learnt more about controlling the aircraft with todays weather than if I had gone up on a clear, sunny and windless day.

Anyway, everything went to plan. I got to fly the plane for a large part of the lesson, and in those bad conditions found it not too difficult control at all. It was rather fun dodging the cloud and having to continually adjust the heading to find the better parts of the weather.

Thanks to all at Shobdon (Herefordshire Aeroclub) for a great introduction to flying...I'll be back!!

27th Apr 2003, 15:52
Stap me - you've gone and done it now mate!! That's all your spare cash gone and people leaving you in droves in the bar as you speak of nothing but "when I was upside down at --- "

Good onya and enjoy the rest of it too. You're trapped now though!

In trim
27th Apr 2003, 17:43
Well done...

Now the next step is to stand in the middle of the street, empty your pockets and wallet of all cash, open your savings account and do the same, then borrow some money from bank / loan shark / parents / mates and throw all that away as well.

Every evening at the pub is now re-categorised as "a third of a lesson", whilst a meal out is "20 litres of Avtur".

In trim

Anthony Carn
28th Apr 2003, 03:59

Thanks for reviving in my minds eye the joys I too used to feel, never more so than when taking on the next challenging step - first solo, first solo cross-country, PPL, instrument flying, aerobatics, instructing.........it goes on for as long as you have the enthusiasm [and yes, the cash ! :( ]

It's magic !

If you turn professional, don't do as I did and start at too late an age and then end up stuck with an employer who turns it into drudgery.

Wishing you every success ! :ok:

simon brown
28th Apr 2003, 22:06

Well done mate, its amazing that sense of achievement when you complete your first solo or qualifying cross country. Shobdon isnt the best place to find in my experience. I remember going there on my solo hour building and I just couldnt find the place until I spotted someone else going the same way, so I followed him in...didnt tell my instructor either.....Nice airfield in a very picturesque part of the world to fly in..

May all your landings be successful ones

Surly Bondslipper
28th Apr 2003, 22:13
When your instructor asks you for some 'straight and level' don't forget to ask which he wants first! ;)

Dances with Boffins
28th Apr 2003, 22:25
Welcome to the world.

Don't forget to purchase your Aviators, large rectangular briefcase, fake wings badge, dark-blue bomber jacket, David Clark headset, Breitling watch and P1 LOT number-plate before your next lesson. Doesn't half give the rest of us a good laugh.:cool:

DWB [No. of landings = No. of take-offs]

Where my signature gone then?

29th Apr 2003, 04:23
Many congrats Rugz!! As Wholi said, now's the time to sell your grandma - but BOY, will it be worth it! :D ;) :D ;)

There are plenty out there who want to belittle what we do and take any opportunity to run-down aviation; so my advice is to go out and: "purchase your Aviators, large rectangular briefcase, fake wings badge, dark-blue bomber jacket, David Clark headset, Breitling watch and P1 LOT number-plate before your next lesson" and be proud of your achievement!

Have fun!


Jet Dragon
29th Apr 2003, 09:55
Congrats Rugz:D

You have boldly gone where I only wish I could afford to go:{

Well done

29th Apr 2003, 21:28

congratulations as well as embarking on the road to an empty wallet, you'll also be on the road where you'll tell your friends "I'm not sure about tomorrow, tell you what if it's p*ssing with rain then I'll meet up with you for a drink" :)