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25th Oct 2001, 18:38
Hello guys,
I know PPSC no longer exists, but does anyone know anything about the meteorology videos they had. Were they any good, if they were, can I still get hold of them?

Are there any other videos on the market that can help me with the ATPL course? Thanks.


25th Oct 2001, 18:45
I think Jeppesen do some.

Try this link, hope it helps. :)

25th Oct 2001, 19:42
Dotun – I asked a similar question some time ago when going over the climatology notes. The link is available somewhere (if you can get the search to work). Bottom line was that most of the respondents seem to think that the video’s and CD ROM’s would be of little use above the notes I’m using and that I’d be better of saving my money. They all seemed to feel the this extra material would lead to information overload and that if I stuck with the notes all would become clear during the two week brush up prior to the exams. If you still want to purchase the extra material I received Transair’s Oct/Nov catalogue in the mail this morning and the PPSC stuff is advertised in there.

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