View Full Version : Celebratory mini-bash tonight!

26th Apr 2003, 19:16
Aerbabe and I are going out for a meal tonight to celebrate my passing my FI test yesterday. If anyone would like to join us, be at the main entrance to the car park on Market Street in Llangollen at 7pm; I will wear my garish Gatbash badge saying "Whirlybird". PM me if you want further details/directions. Apologies for the short notice, and for taking up bandwidth with this; it'll be deleted tomorrow.

26th Apr 2003, 21:45
Congratulations, Whirly!!! :ok:

BTW, I had my first flight in a weight shift ultralight a week or so ago. The reversed control inputs are certainly odd... :uhoh:

26th Apr 2003, 21:58
Fabulous news, Whirly - well done!! You deserve to celebrate in a big way, methinks :)


M. xx

DX Wombat
26th Apr 2003, 23:19
Congratulations Whirlybird! Have a great time. Don't forget the doggy bag so the kitties can celebrate too.;)

26th Apr 2003, 23:47
I'd love to be there, but - my dear! - Llangollen?

Loads of congrats anyway.

27th Apr 2003, 00:59

:D :cool: :D :cool:

27th Apr 2003, 02:39
Onya Whirly,
Persistance does pay off. Fantastic news.
I bet your wee moggies are happy too.

27th Apr 2003, 03:04
Way to go Whirly ! You've worked hard for it, well done !

Can't join you in Wales but we're going out for a chinese tonight so I'll have a beer for you !

Have a great evening !! :cool: G

Shaggy Sheep Driver
27th Apr 2003, 03:28
I'm drinking a toast to you in Sainsbury's Medoc as I post, Whirls. Well done!

Llangollan, eh? Lovely place. Sometimes run out to there on the bike.



27th Apr 2003, 04:11
* * * C *O* N* G *R* A* T* U* L *A *T *I* O* N* S *** WHIRLY SIS!!!! sorry I can't be with you tonight but rest assured I will be raising a glass of red nectar in celebration!


27th Apr 2003, 17:53
it'll be deleted tomorrow.

Well termara(put's in teeth) tomorrow has arrived, but more important, what is next on the Whirlybird list of things to do. Will it be a corporate job, hauling fish in buckets, bambi bucket fire fighting?
Bluemin well wish I new, how to congratulate without sounding patronising.

So you'll be at Helitech with cheque book in hand, I wonder are you a Sikorsky or MD Notar type, whatever cool?:cool:I reckon the futures so bright you gotta wear shades!

27th Apr 2003, 18:57

Next thing on list is to get a job and be PAID TO FLY!

No, haven't deleted thread; I'm enjoying reading all your nice comments too much. :)

27th Apr 2003, 22:43
As Red says, persistance pays of Whirls!
And you have certainly shown that quality in abudance. :ok:
:cool: :cool: Well done mate. :cool: :cool:

Tom the Tenor
27th Apr 2003, 23:35
Marvellous achievement, Whirly - wonderful. Well done! :ok:

PPRuNe Pop
28th Apr 2003, 00:10
Well done indeed Whirly. Now go and show em how it is done. Have fun and many congratulations.

D xx