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26th Apr 2003, 03:10
As originally posted by steamchicken, who wanted a poll:

What with the continuing world crisis, Dubya still in charge (if not in control...), terrorists, nuclear weapons and unknown viruses, I think it's time for an effort to discover what the PPRuNers think will kill us first. Votes please...

26th Apr 2003, 03:21
Cirrocisis of the liver for Gusty, for sure. ;)

For the most of the rest of the world nukes unfortunately. :(

BBC news tonight reporting that the beloved Kim could have a nuke that might reach California.

Have a happy weekend all.


Vin Diesel
26th Apr 2003, 03:46
I'm going to venture terrorists with a "dirty nuclear bomb." But ultimately i am still more concerned by the traditional heart diseases, cancers and road traffic accents(points accusing finger at girlfriend learning to drive)

And as i survey the various empty cartons of chinese, chip bags, burgers, pizza boxes etc. It's like a who's who of the local fast food eateries. Not conducive to long life.

So, i still think that terrorism is a remote though real threat, i am more concerned with the grim reapers old reliables.

tony draper
26th Apr 2003, 04:06
Lot of crap talked about Nukes, a nuke is a explosive device, allbeit a large one, N Korea has a couple of Fission bombs, what a Nuke on Caliifornia would trigger for them don't bare thinking about, they may be crazy but they are not stupid, N Korea wouldn't be named on the Atlas anymore, it would have a half life stamped on it.
Its the critters in pertri dishes in various parts of the world that is the likely candidate, that and inertia, sitting on our arses pretending everything in the world is ok,and if we just leave them alone those folks won't harm us.
Well that changed recently.

Tricky Woo
26th Apr 2003, 05:10
Population of the Earth is around 6 billion.

The question has a hint of western bias: What will do us in? Probably heart disease. What will do them in? Nukes, terrorism and SARs, of course. Oh, and starvation, genocide and the other ailments of the third world.


26th Apr 2003, 05:18
Whilst we are doing a fairly good job of it ourselves, it's gonna take a bloody great comet to finish us off!

26th Apr 2003, 06:38
Well, in Africa in 30 secs a child will die from Malaria. And so in the next 30 secs and the next...

26th Apr 2003, 07:08
I voted for cirrhosis of the liver, well in my case anyway. However it will probably be SARS.

The spread of the virus cannot be stopped and at this time the virus cannot be cured, but at least the mortality rate is still low around 3%,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so far.

With my luck now that I have quit smoking only smokers will survive SARS.

26th Apr 2003, 07:12
The poll needed an "Other" category.

I reckon I'll die from incense asphyxiation or lightning strike.

26th Apr 2003, 08:42
I'm strongly tempted to vote for us being done in by a lack of either widespread intelligence or enlightened self-interest...

Jolly Hockeysticks
26th Apr 2003, 12:35
None of the above

It's media generated panic that will get us...:mad: :mad: :mad:


26th Apr 2003, 20:30
My money is on terrorists obtaining nukes. It is frighteningly easy to get hold of nukes even I know how to make one, thankyou higher physics, if I had a few thousand pounds to throw around. Remeber terrorists don't give a damn what the concequences of their actions are, even if they kill millions in their own country, because they are finatics that believe themselves and their people will be praised in the afterlife for dying. Bin Laden said it himself "americans love life, we love death"

26th Apr 2003, 20:32
lawyers and accountants will be the death of us all

26th Apr 2003, 21:33
Probably Black Pudding !;)

26th Apr 2003, 22:52
Us as airline business ... most probably the journo's.

Sars, however tragic for the victims, is on a worldwide scale really not much of a threat by itself, the journo's blew it out of proportion.

The war in Irak, although extremely tragic for those who lost family or friends and by now more or less over, was a local afair and we could easily fly around it. The journo's blew it out of proportions.

The atack of the Twin Towers, although extremely tragic for the victims and their family and a blow for the US is on the worldwide daily number of violent deaths a minor increase. Still we still see the pictures at least once a week on TV.

So my conclusion is simple. It will be either booze :} or dope :cool:

27th Apr 2003, 00:07
Mr Draper:

Lot of crap talked about Nukes, a nuke is a explosive device, allbeit a large one

Other types of explosive device do not produce radioactive fallout that can continue to have effects for many years after the event.

Other types of explosive device do not generate a masssive EMP that can fry any non-"hardened" electronic and electrical devices for many miles around, including electronic ignition systems on emergency service vehicles, most forms of communication and computers of any kind.

Even a MOAB wouldn't come close to the chaos that a single 25Kt warhead burst in the back of a lorry parked in the City of London would generate.

Anyway, if they're just like other explosive devices, why are reputable nations so terrified of the prospect of them falling into the hands of terrorists or maverick nations? After all, there's plenty of Semtex out there.

At the end of the day, it'll probably be our own stupidy as a lifeform that will wipe us out.

tony draper
27th Apr 2003, 02:40
What I was suggesting that a couple of nukes even of the yield you suggest detonated in California would not destroy or prevent the USA turning a few places on this globe into the provobial glow in the dark glass car park,and if they can't we can always do it for them.

27th Apr 2003, 02:53
Bit of a bummer for the people caught in the first terrorist blast though Drapes (not to mention the innocents caught in the retaliatory strikes).

27th Apr 2003, 03:27
Maestro Draper is bang on. Apathy and not being pro- active will put us in Boot Hill.

I say Lady G there is an unwell Ppruner in Switzerland, must have had too much good living: how do I know. Woman on the telly, thats how running down the hill. 'The Hills are alive to the sound of Woosic.'

27th Apr 2003, 05:16
Mr Draper:

What I was suggesting that a couple of nukes even of the yield you suggest detonated in California would not destroy or prevent the USA turning a few places on this globe into the provobial glow in the dark glass car park,and if they can't we can always do it for them.

Ah! Now I understand.

And agree.;)

Tricky Woo
27th Apr 2003, 05:34
That LordGrumpy is beginning to worry me a bit.


27th Apr 2003, 06:03
The human race has only a 50/50 chance of surviving another century, says Sir Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal, in his latest book - a work as thoughtful as the man who wrote it. When I've read the book, I'll let you know! But the article mentions something not on the Poll: Impact by asteroid or comet or other external lump.
BBC (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/uk/2000/newsmakers/2976279.stm)

27th Apr 2003, 06:24
Well, I am with con-pilot on this one as I voted for cirrhosis of the liver. :D However, I am now assured that it will not be SARs per con-pilot. :}

28th Apr 2003, 19:23
I reckon that the Bible supports the cirrhosis theory too.

"The third angel blew his trumpet; and there fell from Heaven a great star, which was on fire like a torch. It fell upon a third part of the rivers and upon the springs of water.

The name of the star is `Wormwood;' and a third part of the waters were turned into wormwood, and vast numbers of the people died from drinking the water, because it had become bitter " (Revelation 8, 10-11)

I don't mind too much as long as it tastes like draught and not like the bottled, gassy stuff.:yuk:

simon brown
28th Apr 2003, 21:24
Bearing in mind we are hit by asteroids every day, its just a matter of time before a biggy decides to grace us humans with its presence. We are due a biggy in about 2030.. ....just in time for my retirement. We are due large one soon anyway and the earth is fast approaching the cosmic equivalent of the Arc de Triomph roundabout ...

Captain Notarious

What has quoting the closing comments on the "Two Ronnies" got to go do with this?...i'm baffled

Capn Notarious
28th Apr 2003, 21:48
] cosmic eqiuivalent of the Arc de Triomph roundabout ...
Then my friends it's goodnight from me and goodnight from him.

Apparently there is a motorway intersection in Germany with 16 lanes/so I'll stick with flying. No doubt cars will do us in, cause there's too many drivers and not enough motorists.:{

28th Apr 2003, 23:05
Bretzels for sure!

Celtic Emerald
28th Apr 2003, 23:55

If you ask me your bad spelling will do you in before anything else, for me it'll probably be me bleedin relations. Still growing the hash plants on your balcony you boozy divil ya? ;)

Bl**dy pessimistic lot you are, a right bundle of laughs!! :rolleyes:


tony draper
29th Apr 2003, 06:00
Its funny every time one of these doomsday scenarios is discovered or evidence for them uncovered we always seem to be overdue for one.
We were happily ignorant of what killed the dinosaurs for years,suddenly Irridium is discovered in the KT boundry and the killer is unmasked , not only that,the bad news is we are long overdue for another cosmic splat.
Same with Super Tsunamis, geological eveidence shows these things have happened in the past, and lo we again are long overdue one, goodbye American east coast,
Super volcanoes ? same thing, Yellowstone park is just longing to blow its top, same with Flood Basalt Eruptions, another Deccan Traps is just around the corner.
Global Warming, Ice caps melting are we all to drown?Nah, another Ice Age is due we all gonna freeze before we are Vaporised by a Asteroid, crushed by a Giant Tsunami, scorched to death by Flood Basalt, have our aresoles blown round our necks by the Yellowstone Magma chamber lets rip.
Personely I've stopped worrying about these things, just remember a ittle bitty virus a few microns across will kill you just as dead as a qadrazillion ton asteroid travelling at 60 Miles per second, or god forbid a feckin Vauxall Astra might get yer crossin the road.
SO cheer up. :rolleyes:

29th Apr 2003, 07:11
Having rather stupidly located the cats' litter tray in the same room as my PC, I feel sure it will be the unfeasibly smelly [email protected] one of the little barstewards has just deposited that will finish me off. Anyone got Hans Blix's home number?:yuk::yuk:

29th Apr 2003, 20:11
On mature reflection, I suspect it's my girlfriend's cigarette habit that will do both of us in....it's not that I love her, I'm addicted to the passive smoking!

PS, thanks for the poll Flaps, what was wrong?