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25th Apr 2003, 19:10
Love the stuff. But have heard from a friend 'up north' that it's better up there.

Any northerners like to comment on where I can get some of the 'good stuff'?


25th Apr 2003, 19:14
Don't touch the Scottish [email protected] with cinnamon in it.

The SAS Radison at Manchester airport has nice black pudding at breakfast or just go to a decent butcher!

25th Apr 2003, 19:20
For those who take their Black Pudding seriously, the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Goûte Boudin organise the 'Concours International du Meilleur Boudin' each March in Mortagne au Perche (Orne). Many butchers have crossed the channel to exhibit the products of their art, and I seem to remember that a Brit won first prize a few years ago.

It's a terribly serious business, with the Chevaliers elaborately robed, and due ceremony is observed.

tony draper
25th Apr 2003, 19:26
Yup, yer cant wack a slice of black pud with your bacon an eggs,my butcher sells black pud with none of those white lumps in it, with just a hint of garlic, bootiful.

25th Apr 2003, 19:29
How did I just know that this topic would draw draper in?

Cardinal Puff
25th Apr 2003, 20:12
...And if you listen closely while eating a slice, beautifully fried in lard and nestled in a bed of scrambled egg and bacon, you'll hear your arteries slamming shut.

Why is it that the good stuff is always bad for you?

26th Apr 2003, 00:58
How about white pudding? Used to get both black and white pud for the BBQ in Brussels - magic.

26th Apr 2003, 01:02
I only learnt about white pudding when in Dublin last year...they seem to love that.

Celtic Emerald
26th Apr 2003, 01:42
Would any of you'se care to know how it's made, it's guaranteed to turn you off it :D

White puddins kinda like haggis I think. I think also it would be a nice present to give to the captain if I'm ever allowed up again instead of me legendary haggis ;)


26th Apr 2003, 03:07
I had to treat myself to a bacon,sausage,egg, mushroom, beans and black pudding sandwich this morning on my journey into work.

It was magic.:ok:

Mac the Knife
26th Apr 2003, 03:07
With flapjacks, hickory smoked bacon, youngberry preserve and fried eggs. Add a pot of good coffee, the sounds of the morning veld and the latest Private Eye.

Mac Heaven [sinks into post-breakfast torpor clutching gallbladder]

Tricky Woo
26th Apr 2003, 03:17
Have a thought for my feelings, you cruel and vindictive bastards.

It's been quite a while since I scoffed some black pud. Or decent bacon. Oh my god, I miss miss miss cooked breakfasts. And I'm gonna marry a bloody Swiss bird! I'm doomed to a life of cheese and cooked meat breakfasts.



26th Apr 2003, 03:45
Whatever our South African friend says, it's hard if not impossible to beat a full British breakfast at (in no particular order):

1. Belfast - the Culloden in Holywood (the original Holywood, that is)
2. Nairn - The Golf View
3. Manchester - The Midland
4. Aberdeen - The Marriot
5. Glasgow - The Thistle.

Unfortunately none on the horizon:sad:

Hagbard the Amateur
26th Apr 2003, 07:45

There's a shop in Zug that sells Swiss produced but nevertheless UK spec thick cured bacon and sausages. They have been supplying my homesick breakfasts, lunches and sometimes dinners for quite some time now. I strongly recommend you check at least the bacon.

Here's the URL;


Sorry mods - that wasn't a plug, it was a thrown life preserver...

26th Apr 2003, 20:35
On Tenerife it is served as a most delicious starter....... but it is sweet with almonds and I think raisins. Tastes almost like Xmas Pud.

27th Apr 2003, 09:32
Damned peasants around here don't know what it is, can't get it. Send via Red Cross please.

Tricky Woo
27th Apr 2003, 17:16

We sophisticated Zurchers would rather face disembowlment than to venture to such a provincial backwater as Zug.

Still, thanks fer the plug. Maybe they do mail order? Otherwise, I can always disguise myself somehow, perhaps as a Swiss Wurzel. Or a goat. Hmm, scratch the goat idea: them Zugers do strange and unholy acts of perversions to their goats.