View Full Version : Caption this!

25th Apr 2003, 09:24

"Please wipe BEFORE you sit on me"

yeesh, that was bad... :}

25th Apr 2003, 09:36
Yeah, we also used to check the oil.

25th Apr 2003, 09:38
I effing hate it when Tommy Lee sprays himself all over the windshields. Bastard.


You want it when?
25th Apr 2003, 19:52
Bo Duke, this ain't no General Lee. You use the door next time.

25th Apr 2003, 20:39
"OK honey, now you have finished, get your uniform back on whilst I find a use for this tissue..."

simon brown
25th Apr 2003, 21:01
This will teach the aircrew to put disparaging remarks in the tech log about crap on the windshield.......i'll give them more than crap this time.....

Or .." why is there always a run on Kleenex when this particular plane cums in"