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25th Apr 2003, 06:41
This fabulous vehicle was mentioned on another thread.
However, Lancias were made of loopaper and I haven't seen one for years. Do any examples of this car exist, or did they all become piles of rust years ago?

25th Apr 2003, 07:02
Lance,yer boil.

25th Apr 2003, 09:07
This guy?


Lots of Goggle activity for this. Several seen for sale. Still doing rallies and races.

simon brown
25th Apr 2003, 21:41
Clarkson did a segment on one of his shows recently, unfortunately all they could find was a box of bits, the odd hubcap, a lancia badge,and some ferric oxide. Pity really as they were good cars not built very well

A mate of mine had a Delta years ago. I bet him that If i placed a litre tub of icecream next to his car, and we waited, my tub of ice cream would have out lasted his car.....I won , and it was summer too

28th Apr 2003, 08:42
My sister is currently running about in one.
Insane car, she turns into an utter loon every time she gets behind the wheel! 4WD is a lot of fun on our less than perfect roads.

Not sure it'll be with us for too much longer though as the loopaper is in less than top notch condition.
Still a helluva lot more fun than my Cinquecento S (standard!) and exactly the same price! What was I thinking?! :{

28th Apr 2003, 14:44
Actually, prefer the Fulvia, especially the HF model.:ok:

simon brown
28th Apr 2003, 21:29

'71 Fulvia Zagatto gets my vote

Lon More
28th Apr 2003, 23:37
A mate of mine in N. Kent, who builds custom cars for a living, squeezed the mechanicals into a Y10 last year. The result looked remarkably standard and I wonder how many Posche etc. drivers traded their cars in after having had the doors blown off!!

29th Apr 2003, 07:07
One of my ex work colleagues was driving one two years ago.

Many years ago i mistook one ( excuses - brief glance out of very constrictive bike helmet) for a Fiesta. Nearly bit of more than I could chew:\ :D