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25th Apr 2003, 04:58
CNN is reporting that Tariq Aziz is in US custody - breaking news, no more detail.



25th Apr 2003, 05:15
Who is in custody?

25th Apr 2003, 05:19
Tariq Aziz = Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister - you're jesting right T_richard ?


Alpha Leader
25th Apr 2003, 14:10
He's real name is Michael Yuhanna - but he changed to an Arabic name (Tariq Aziz = glorious past) to brownnose his way through the Baath party.

Most famous for saying even in early March that he'd "rather die" than be captured by the Americans:ok:

26th Apr 2003, 01:23
Yes Ozzy I was joking, although I missed teh "I'd rather die " speech. Having just buried a friend of mine who died over there, I'd be happy to fly to Iraq and assist him in realising his dream. I'll even offer him slow or fast (death)

I think it will be interesting to total up the heavy hitters who either are captured or turn themselves in when all is said an done. I guess other Arab countries are not offering asylum this month.

26th Apr 2003, 02:38
sorry for your loss T_richard, my best to you and your friend's family.:(


PS: I'll hold the fingers if you grab the pliers for old Tariq

26th Apr 2003, 02:41
Thanks Ozzy

Screw the fingers, Ihave always wanted to shoot a man in the rectum and measure how far a small cal. bullet would travel and how long it would take that man to bleed out. Sick huh:}

26th Apr 2003, 02:45
How about shoving one of those electric hair crimper thingies (I have daughters...) up Tariq's rectum and then plugging it in and watch as it reaches melting point......

Me wicked too! Got a bat handy?


26th Apr 2003, 02:58
An acid bath would do nicely Ozzie.

Or how about spit roasting him, slowly ?


Sick Squid
26th Apr 2003, 05:54
Thank you gentlepeople... lets stick to the debate about Tariq Aziz's capture please, the rest is out of place on here.

Thank you,


26th Apr 2003, 06:16
SS this post should be taken with a pound of humor:O I can't resist the urge to point out that the original post by Ozzy while enlightening and even uplifting as apushup bra, left little room for discussion or challenge. Aziz has surrendered. Its in all the newspapers, even the Arabic ones. THere is no doubt of this fact. All that is left to debate is his fate, which we were doing in a imaginative and sophisticared fashion. Now some of the suggestions may seem a little macabre, but I am sure that if left to its own devices this thread will rise to accepted Prrune standards quickly as we expound on the meaning of death,blah, blah, blah and ultimately we will discuss the very existence of God. This will quickly break down as the atheists and christian fundamentalists square off, SO you see the thread is actually fine, don't you agree?

Nice try, mate.... 8/10 for effort, 2/10 for content, 0/10 for sticking to the brief in the forum outline. Sense of humour most certainly allowed (evidence of one faint in all the above, struggling for breath but might just pull through long-term) however wastes of forum bandwidth are not, there are countless sites on the internet where you can inanely ramble about medieval tortures you wish to inflict on public figures at will. We call the shots in here, and we are calling them differently to those sites. Go re-read the brief at the top. Next!

2/10 FOR CONTENT :confused: :confused: I am shocked and awed. My writing skills deserve better than 2/10. As to the issue of sticking to content, ( 0/10) I just got off a thread that started by talking about a commercial plane that landed on a taxiway in SEA. within two (2) pages it was a rant agains AA. We are closer to the original thread than that:mad: so I think the 0/10 should be a 8/10. This isn't just any public figure like say Trent Lott. This is a significant player in the Iraq regime. What say you?

26th Apr 2003, 07:16
Okay then, apart from discussing Mr Aziz's fate, I'll also cast in another direction. Since his capture I have been surprised by the subsequent lack of information in the press. Very little has been written other than he is in custody.

Is this the intelligence types dealing with him keeping the lid on things? Or does the press just have no interest in probing the story further?


PS: This one's for you Sick Squid

26th Apr 2003, 08:47
OK, this bloke is not going to be anyone's favourite uncle, but it must be said that he has become an increasingly marginalised figure over the past decade.

He was never part of the "inner circle" of Saddam's regime, simply because he is a Christian and doesn't share Saddam's birthplace.

Not a nice man, but hardly The Prince Of Evil, either.

A good opportunity for the West to establish a paradigm for Justice and the Rule Of Law, IMHO.

26th Apr 2003, 16:24
T-richard & Ozzy

You both reinforce the rest of the Worlds opinion on typical American stereotypes who are dumb enough to believe that "World Cup Baseball" is just that.

26th Apr 2003, 19:03
The rumour going around this morning was he has been offered asylum in the UK!! I think that rumour has been quoshed though.

I was real mafia stuff with the Ba'ath party, Tariq Aziz's son had a turf war with Saddams son Uday, (the little prick) in Baghdad a few years back. Saddam put him in prison! That must have caused some awkwardeness at cabinet meetings!

Because he's christian, expect the Pope and other christian leaders calling for clemency.....Why should he be treated differently just because he's a christian?

28th Apr 2003, 20:36
OW22 I saw one report about TA's deal to move to the UK, with manor house and pension, but could not find corroborating reports, so I hope it's a quoshed rumour. I have read reports also that TA says Saddman Hussein survived the assasination attempts. However, in the same report, Tommy Franks is saying that TA is lying about other events...the report is on Reuters.