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25th Apr 2003, 05:37
Talking on MSN to someone earlier we suddenly realise he'd been taking the "disappointed" smilie literally. You know the one - open-eyed, straight mouth. Whereas I use it to mean kind of "Oh My God"... ish ... or maybe "Erm"...

A - I couldn't find it with both hands.
B - "disappointed smilie"
A - The clip for my car seat belt I mean.

But I just can't explain what I'm understanding when I use the smilie.

Can anyone describe it any better? Or have you no idea what I'm talking about? :{

25th Apr 2003, 09:45
Nope, baffled. Always willing to help, tho!

I don't get MSN messenger smilies cos I use Trillian to handle MSN and ICQ and YahooChat and IRC and AIM all in one. Much less bovver, but misses all the OTT flashy stuff.

Don't see AerBabe in ICQ any more these days, either!

Mad (Flt) Scientist
25th Apr 2003, 12:02
I've always understood the ": (" smilie to mean disappointed or sad, the ":o" one to be "shocked" and the ":|" one to mean surprised. The difference between the last two being that "shocked" is emotional and "surprised" is intellectual.

So I was "surprised" to find that someone was willing to take off their clothes on TV for money, and "shocked" to find it was my mother!

So I'm using it the way you are, I think, not for disappointed.

25th Apr 2003, 17:01
Keef - ICQ is not installed on this machine cos it makes it crash. I'm running messenger with the email address you have for me though, if you want to try that.

MadFS - Yes... it's kind of surprised, but in a .... ohhhhhh... I can't explain it... :{

Anthony Carn
25th Apr 2003, 17:02