View Full Version : Are the other Aer Arann pilots going on strike in sympathy???

11th Sep 2001, 03:14
I heard a rumour through the grapvine that the Aer Arann ATR42 pilots are going to strike in support of their fellow pilots from the SH360 fleet who had their contracts terminated by management.
Is there any truth to this rumour and if not why are the pilots not doing something to stand up to management.....otherwise where will they be if management decides to do the same thing to them in the future if they desire to :confused: :mad: :(

11th Sep 2001, 07:27
I hate to see the more senior Shorts guys getting laid off, but as the companies only alternative would be to type them on the ATR and then lay off the more junior ATR pilots, do you really see the ATR guys striking to bring this about?

Unless of course, you know of another alternative?

Mutt. :)

11th Sep 2001, 10:31
You know, thats funny. Coz I heard a rumour that the sky was going to fall down tomorrow!