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23rd Oct 2001, 15:37
Although I had my heart set on doing a JAR CPL/IR/ME course I have been told not to waste my money on this course but to renew my Instructors Licence and build up 1200 hrs and take the ATPL Licence. For someone with the odd 250 hrs or so this seems a long haul. Would this be correct advice given todays economic conditions and does the JAR CPL have any meaning these days?

23rd Oct 2001, 19:40
The advice is correct there is no
JAR CPL course available in the UK
It just aint economic to provide one
PPSC did one - now bust
Dont do the ATPL exams until you can see the job market improving within the mediumm term
as your exam credits will expire (36months)

Send Clowns
23rd Oct 2001, 20:51
A couple of schools, including SFT where I work, are setting up CPL courses. However I would recommend sitting the ATPL groundschool now if you ever want to do it, as CPL gives you no credit towards this, and you will just have to go through a lot of the same stuff again.

Most people in the industry see the market picking up by the time you would have your licences - it will pick up in the medium term, people will not stop flying. In fact there is still a forecast lack of pilots, as Sept 11th has put off more flying students than pax, as the usual airline overreaction has made them all assume there will be no jobs! There is no need even for a recovery in the industry, as pilots are still retiring.

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