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10th Feb 2001, 09:01
Can someone recommend the best schools in South Africa? Particularly around Port Elizabeth - want a professional school but also want to have fun while I am there?
Any recommendations would be brilliant!!

10th Feb 2001, 12:52
The two I would recommend would be 43 Air School at Port Alfred (near University town of Grahamstown) and Progress Air Acamdemy in PE. I know 43 from personal experience and can recommend it as one of the best schools on a world stage. Progress is smaller, John English who runs it is a good Instructor, it's smaller than 43 but has a good reputation.
Try these web sites for more info:
SA Aeropages: www.aeropages.co.za (http://www.aeropages.co.za) , and
43 Air School: www.43airschool.com (http://www.43airschool.com)
The Eastern Cape is a great place to learn to fly and the standards of flight training in SA is as good as you would get in the UK.
Have fun.

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10th Feb 2001, 14:07
NewGirl - e-mail me. I am a member of Algoa Flying Club, based at PE; went to Progress Flight Academy; visited 43 on many occasions, and have friends who went there; and know a lot about where, and where not to go!

Eddy must fly
15th Feb 2001, 18:38

I'm am from Port Elizabeth currently working in london to save money to my training back home.

There is a fairly new school in PE called Airline Pilot Training Centre owned by a current SAA pilot - Keith Paterson.

You can contact me on the following e-mail
[email protected]<hidden> I will give prices and any other info you need to Know about PE and flying there.



big bus driver
15th Feb 2001, 23:27
Hi, I'm from the UK, but was over in SA over xmas. I flew with Algoa FC, based at the public airport in PE. This was ideal for me as I didn't want to fork out for car hire, and the airport is close to the beach area, walkable from central, (albeit theres a big valley in the way!), near to a few backpacker lodges, and gave me experience of communicating with atc, etc. There were also lots of SAA and Comair 737's etc. there too - that made things interesting!

If you wanted to stay in PE city, where all the bars / clubs are, then I think you'd need a car to get to Progress - I only saw it from the air but it looked a fair trek from PE city.

I'm planning to switch my free Bradford & Bingley shares for an airfare to SA over easter, the plan is to go back to PE to finish off my SA PPL (but you need 100 hrs to convert it into a UK one believe it or not).

If its any use, I think the costs were roughly 35/40 an hour depending whether an instructor was with you or not. Guess thats pretty standard all over SA though.

Hope this helps, If you've got enough time, I dont think there is any harm in you investigating all the flying clubs over in the PE area and settling with the one you feel most comfortable with.

flight deck man
14th Feb 2002, 23:32
Hi GRpr,

Would like to mail you for some info about Progress and 43 airschool but I can't seem to see how to do this. Do you need a pprune e-mail address first. I already have another e-mail address. . .Hoping to do flying training at one of these two schools.


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