View Full Version : What to do with all my old GA flying stuff?

Sean Dell
23rd Oct 2001, 15:07
Can anyone tell me where or how I can sell stuff I no longer need such as CRP5 and Headsets etc?

23rd Oct 2001, 16:27
If ever you are over in my part of the world, they will sell quite easily. Try your local flight school or Uni programme or cadets. They always looking for good second hand equipment. [email protected]<hidden>

23rd Oct 2001, 17:48
Sean, from time to time ex-wannabes have 'advetised' their old kit such as CRP-5s, headsets and rulers etc on this very forum. The response is normally quite good as both parties feel that they have got a good deal. You get rid of some old tat and us poor wannabes can afford to buy kit that we normally couldn't afford brand new. What are you waiting for!!

Good luck!


Sean Dell
23rd Oct 2001, 18:11
OK - Well I have 2 David Clarke Headsets (H10-40s) and a CRP 5 for sale (offers). Also have a few books. 'Human Factors for pilots' 2nd edition, and two David Thom books 'Air Navigation' and 'Flying Training' (1989).

Anyone interested?

Wee Weasley Welshman
23rd Oct 2001, 18:23
Look I hate to do this but we have a policy.

THat policy is that the forums are not used for selling of goods. Its in the Conditions Of Use you signed...

I know its a mutual Wannabe benefit but the rules are clear. Besides after a while it gets out of hand and every 2nd thread is some PPL trying to offload yet another set of Trevor Thom books.


Go and use www.loot.com (http://www.loot.com) or similar and keep the boards clear.

I am closing the thread now and no offence has been taken or offered.



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