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24th Apr 2003, 00:46
Not sure this is the right forum, but I listened to an NPR spot on a "No Fly List" that exists, or does it(?), in the US. The TSA says it is a list drawn up of individuals "who are a risk to aviation". It is intended to prevent terorists from receiving a boarding pass in the US (again quoting the TSA).

Apparently two San Franciso peace activists got on the list by mistake.... The ACLU has has launched proceedings against the government on this. Sounds to me like a case of crap data entry - I get junk mail sent to me that is close to my name but obviously is not me...

Any thoughts?


24th Apr 2003, 01:07

See Wall Street Journal 4/22/03. The list does exist, apparently one name is of a Alaska resident, military retired, pilot , all around good guy who has a weird last name. Major pain in his butt.

As far as peace activist from San Francisco, screw em:} That whole city is twisted and warped anyway. IMHO of course:E

24th Apr 2003, 01:31
T_richard well the TSA spokesman actually did admit the list existed but gave a long, rambling definition...

"Major pain in his butt" - now that is an unusual name:uhoh: :uhoh:

and SF is definitely twisted and warped, and may one day fall into the Pacific - solve a lot of problems that would:eek: