View Full Version : Car bomb difused at Belfast

village flyer
1st Aug 2001, 20:25
From Ireland.com

A 45lb bomb packed with homemade explosive discovered at Belfast Airport has been made safe by Britsh army bomb disposal experts.

Car parks at airport were closed after a telephoned warning and security forces carried out a search where a silver Volvo car was identified.

Obiously no hoax, I have been out of country for some months and was suprised to see this. Was this belfast interntional? Aside any political impacts had this a significant impact to ops over the day, Any one care to comment on the potential damage this could do to EGGA, I dont mean physical damage.


2nd Aug 2001, 01:56
Thats it we are all of to BHD :p

2nd Aug 2001, 07:35
True , not much physical, operational or for that matter any other sort of damage as it`s a not unfamiliar event. Minor inconvienience arriving at airport but minimum delays.