View Full Version : BACE 146s at Manch?.

Airborne Hamster
1st Aug 2001, 14:36
Would any kind soul out there care to enlighten me on recent rumours of Manchester becomming a 146 base for the new company?

Any more purchases or routes planned for the 146/RJX?


1st Aug 2001, 16:42
MAN presently has one BRAL 146-100 based there as a standby aircraft. Two additional aircraft on lease at the moment from BRAL will return to them (BACE) Spring next year to start two European routes out of MAN & the company anticipates requiring 16 pilots to crew the base. I would suspect most of this recruitment would be performed internally.

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1st Aug 2001, 16:44
There was a thread a week or so ago that stated that the CFE 146's were rumoured to be coming to MAN from LGW. There was a lot of detail on that thread, so I suggest you do a search.

You probably already know this but BRAL have a RJ based at MAN already, G-MABR which does domestic services to destinations such as such as Belfast and Jersey.