View Full Version : Vulcan stories (and others)

15th Apr 2003, 03:22
Please sir, can we have some more?

I've read and re-read older threads and new with great stories by crew and spotters, historians and aviation buffs. I was lucky enough to see one of the last Vulcan displays at Biggin. Stood right at the Vr point and got an earfull, and an eyefull. Wonderful.

Took me a while, but I decided to learn to fly then and there, and I finally did. Nothing as spectacular (so far) though.

I truly enjoy reading about all jets and their fastest climbs, groundspeed records etc etc. Especially when the odd rule may have been forgotten. Not just the mighty Vulcan. We've had some Lightning, Hunter and Bucc tales. Howsabout some more? Anyone know some F104, SR71 or Phantom stuff? Maybe someone flew a Herc under a bridge? Know of a Vigilante or F14 driver that had a soft shot and water ski'd for a while? Did you aileron roll a GV on an empty leg? Goodbye dust ups or simple low approaches to check the gear (ahem). 747 stalls or TU 144 duct tape fixits Russki style.

We're seeing comparable machines of impact (Conc, Space Shuttles) with problems and retirement. Maybe to keep the true spirit of such achievement and downright amazement going strong, stories will be all we have left?

Whatever the case, go on, impress me. Make me smile. Please.