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14th Apr 2003, 21:37
Hi all,

I have recently aquired a 4ft long model of this aircraft from a car boot sale of all places! It has a cuttaway on the left hand side showing the (multi-colured seating) inside of the aircraft but is missing wings, stand and the cabin power adaptor.

Unfortunatley, I dont seem to be able to attach a photo but I can send you one at request if you wish.

What I wanted to know is if their is anyone out there who has fond memories and information about this actual aircraft and does anybody know who made these models in the early 80's?

Aparently, shes still flying in Indonesia for Batavia under reg PK-YTF. Has anybody seen her?

It looks like I am donating this piece to "The Museum of Flight" in Seattle as they are having a exhibition on these aircraft in 2004 so any information would be greatfull.

Thanks a lot.


14th Apr 2003, 22:11

Found this picture

My wife was a Stewardess with Orion and worked on their 737's in the 1980's. If we are still on speaking terms later this week I will ask her about 'VI for you.

G-BHVI Click here (http://www.airliners.net/open.file/332839/M)

15th Apr 2003, 00:31
The aircraft is now operating as above, on mostly domestic flights for LAN Chile.

For a photo, your best would probably be Airliners.net. I'm sure they'd have more than a few of this landmark aircraft.

I'll have a look, just out of curiosity, to see what I can find.

15th Apr 2003, 01:00
I remember the model well, it used to stand in reception at Orions headquarters at EMA. I also flew the aircraft a lot as a new and incompetant FO on my first jet job. My log books tell me that my first trip in 'VI' was on the 18th of April 81 from BHX to ALC and back. God, that's only four days off 22 years ago!!....:uhoh:

How ironic that something like that should end up at a car boot sale, just goes to show that what's viewed as important and new today will be found in the car boot sales of tomorrow.

It's nice to know it will find a home at a museum. Perhaps the same fate is not too far in the future for me. Anyone know which car park I need to go to, to be sold as the 'Last of the old Captains'?

(Printable answers only please)


Jennie Blond
15th Apr 2003, 01:28

Brings back memories - I left Dan Air early in my flying career to join KG (Orion) for a short period, before graduating onto scheduled carriers.

Remember the 737th 737 very well. We all noted that the Union Jack was cleverly placed on the forward side of the L1 door between the cockpit windows and door.

On other aircraft, the Union jack was alongside the main titles Orion. So, having it near the cockpit windows automatically diverted ones eyes to the inscription about the 737th below the windows. remember someone from eng telling me it was deliberate.

Can't believe you have the model. Remember it well too. "Go Horizon - Fly Orion" was the motto at that time.


15th Apr 2003, 02:08
Boeing Boy, take a look in your logbook for 10th Mar 1986 and you will see that we flew GBHVI together from BHX to ALC and then back to EMA!! (Recall those "W" Patterns!).

My computer logbook says I flew over 367 hours in GBHVI - happy days!

Vick Van Guard
15th Apr 2003, 02:36
Ahhh, Orion, always reminds me of some rather late night drinking at 'The Flying Club'.

Anyone ever attend one of The Fetish parties?

15th Apr 2003, 03:48
Worked on it during its acceptance check, straight from Boeing. In those days we looked after Orion and Air Europe as well as our own aircraft. I think at that time we were looking after 40+ aircraft. We spent many nights at EMA on AOGs, a few years later we absorbed Orion into our fleet.

15th Apr 2003, 05:54
Also a picture of it on the wall in The Plough, Diseworth

Would like to point out though, that i'm too young to have worked for Orion - although I know alot of OLDER ex-collegues that did!

15th Apr 2003, 07:09
Thanks for all your replies so far! Much appreciated the feedback you have given - More pleasant than some posts re Concord retiring, Birdstrikes, Strikes, Wars etc..... Keep the post coming..... The more info the better!

Etops :- Please ask your Missus if she was at the maiden flight ceremony or if she knows anyone who was there. Pics appreciated without flaps! You dont want to get on the wrong side of your lady it sounds like...

akerosid :- My reliable plane spotting source tells me it went to N31AU after CC-CJW (maybe into the desert for a holiday) and then to PK-YTF in Indonesia but please correct me if I am wrong. Would like to know its history in full.

BoeingBoy:- You are a true BoeingBoy if you flew this baby me thinks. What was she like:- Rough and ready or smooth and steady? Who was the first crew to fly her for Orion? I can appreciate this is going back a long time. Was it all one colour or 3 different colurs throughout 3 rows deep?How deep was the tyre tread?
:confused: :p

Jennie:- Has the Union Jack in same place with the "737th Boeing 737" logi. was the "Go Horizon - Fly Orion" the tour operators advertising campain on TV/Radio?

Vick Van Guard:- Please tell us all of those who dont know about "The Fetish Club" what went on!

Thank you all again - You suprise me with your knowledge and speed to say you only fly/maintain planes!!! :cool:

Thanks moderators - this is still present day and future as well as history and you still didn't tell me how I can post the pictures relating to this subject!
Dont want to get your backs up but it good to talk and tell me where the post is going and why?
Can you please tell me how to post 2 pics now that you have found what you think is a more approriate area for this post please!;)

15th Apr 2003, 08:20
First ran across her in May '81. Most of the 737-200s flew pretty much the same and VI didn't have any particularly gratifying handling characteristics. It was, like most of its ilk quite a nice aircraft to fly. Fairly light on the controls, nice response and fairly nippy in roll. It was also, like all -15 powered aircraft pretty slack on the performance front when going up at highish weights, (53070kgs if memory serves correctly was MTOW). Still, all round not a bad machine, but ever so noisy. (not quite in 1-11 country though!)

Belgian Chap
15th Apr 2003, 16:55
Funny and most interesting to read this thread!
Maybe you ought to consider having a get-together, after all these years!


15th Apr 2003, 17:55
B C. Already had one a few years ago.

15th Apr 2003, 21:08
Can somebody tell me how I can post the pics on this board. Doesn't seem to be a way I can upload them or can you do this for me?


16th Apr 2003, 02:16
Hi folks,
Re Orion stuff, I have a framed photo of G-BLKB ,that used to hang on the main stairs in HQ at EMA , and I to remember the late night drinking sessions at the Flying Club.Seem to remember a few at the Priest House too.Regards to all ex Orioners.

Pete C.:ok: :ok: :ok:

16th Apr 2003, 03:51
Dancav. you could be right, because my Boeing Jet Airliners Production List (OK, I'm an anorak, so shoot me!) goes up to 11/01 and my JP, to 4/02, so it may well have been ditched as LAN got its hands on 320s. However, I can at least fill you in on what has happened up to then.

The aircraft, then registered N5701E, made its first flight on the 30th January '81. It was delivered to Orion as 'BHVI on the 30th March 1981.

It continued with Orion until Armistace Day '86, when it went on lease to America West, until 1st April 1987. It was returned to Orion, but bought the same day by GPA, which leased it on to LAN on the 10th April of that year. GPA subsequently became AerFi, but the aircraft remained with LAN, although was leased for a while to Ladeco, which LAN subsequently acquired, in early 2001.

And sometime between April 2001 and now, it ended up in Indonesia. Oh well, it can't all be roses . . .

16th Apr 2003, 06:07
Heres a link (http://www.jetphotos.net/census/aircraft.php?reg=PK-YTF&msn=22397) to some info and pics of her- the most recent being only a few weeks ago!

16th Apr 2003, 14:56
Perhaps we SHOULD arrange another get together, I missed the last one and I'm getting a little long in the tooth. Very fond memories of a really people friendly company.

Eagles Forever
17th Apr 2003, 04:10

Orion initially operated from EMA, BHX and MAN but on 11 Apr 81 we started flying out of LGW. That day I flew VI from LGW. We departed right on time at 1440z for our flight to PMI. The return was to BHX.

I notice that BoeingBoy was my F/O on 19 Apr 81 when we operated MAN-ALC-MAN.

Belgian Chap. You suggested a Reunion. It's a pity you missed the first one which was at Castle Don just over 2 years ago - fantastic! What a team we had. The organizer has been SLACK and slow to arrange another thrash. Let's do it!

17th Apr 2003, 09:05
I can't believe that I have had as much positive response from this post as I had expected! Just waiting now for 411A and the Guv to give their positive responses also!!!>>>...... :cool:

I am extremely glad that I have put a few smiles on those people that appreciate this aircraft more than I ever could. Thanks for all your feedback once again and the more posts the better. :cool:O

I would like to meet "The Crew" who had flown and maintained her at The Plough. Im off to STN go to Berlin, I mean Leipzig, sorry I was meant to say Altenburg with FR in a few weeks. Has anyone flow to Altenburg? More chances of having flown MAN-PMI me thinks with "737"! :ok: Please mail me if you are interested..;) :hmm:

What was her nickname ? :{


PS Only got it for 2p return to Altenburg plus tax. :confused:

Lump Jockey
21st Apr 2003, 04:43
It was actually a nice post to read, nostalgic even. Here's a link that you all may appreciate though...
(Give it a good 10 seconds or so to load!).