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14th Apr 2003, 15:10
Has anyone else heard the rumour that BACX are downgrading their operations on the IOM. I understand that senior members of ops on the island are being called to a meeting, the expectation is that EGNS will no longer have any aircraft based there ?

15th Apr 2003, 05:11
Would it surprise anyone currently working for BACX if this were to happen? Since BRAL/Brymon/BAR/Manx became S****yexpress, 6 bases have closed, which were once very profitable. If IOM does close/downsize its the start of FSAS Part III!

All I can say is other airlines have and will have gain some of the best airline personnel going!

15th Apr 2003, 16:07
Just as well we find this in the Rumours section. I am suprised that Dewdrop didn't list every base that BACX operate out of, because I am sure all have been considered during the last few months. A review of operations across the entire network is ongoing as every one is aware, and it is a difficult time for all, but unfounded rumours such as this just stir it up more. There is to be an announcement towards the end of the month, until that is published, anything you read here is just speculation. Poor Isle of Man, looks like the only ferry operator is also on the market. The Steam Packet Company has been offered for sale, asking price 150 million. I wonder if there is a maritime rumour network?

16th Apr 2003, 01:20
IOM is just one of many rumoured to be chopped,take a list of every base (minus MAN and BHX) and the axe is hovering over those bases too.It`s extremely unsettling after a year, for so many of our workforce to be worrying about base closures,rellocations etc still .Unfortunately,very few of us think BA has any interest in us (except to shut most of our company). The morale is as low as i`ve ever seen it, in all the outstations.:(

16th Apr 2003, 20:15
I don't think the IOM will suffer whatever happens at BACX, the've never really "tried" to make it succesful following the hand over from Manx. The Island now has competing operators on it's main routes who will pick up any slack that may occur. BACX pax number are 20% down on the year whilst the other operators into EGNS are all up. They need to cut their prices, be consistant with fare structure and give the ferry a run for it's money.

20th Apr 2003, 17:24
SEN has a number of ATP and J41's thereon and I assume that these are examples for sale/lease ex the regions, which is sad to see. As a BA person these station closures are assured as the cost of running small ops from the regionals is far to costly and neither does it take into account the vast investments in IM/IT etc. It is a suprise that BA regional stations have survived for so long with many of the bigger ones MAn / BHX / GLA / EDI with staff enjoying a similar renumeration as us in the South.

I do not begrudge them this as they do considerably more too. I think in the fullness of time LGW will also suffer a cutback in the numbers of operations support staff. The only hope for many of us is a quick upturn in the industry especially as many of us will be required to work till 70 years of age.

A Happy and safe Easter to us all.

20th Apr 2003, 17:57
What do you mean similar remuneration to the south! BRAL never considered closing these bases on the basis of costs. They were nice profitable earners. Consider SOU, when if at all have BA ever tried to make this base into the profitable little gem that it could be. Passing through the IOM yesterday, above the check-in desk was the sign "Gatwick - opening up the South" Duh. Last I looked SOU was a little better positioned to do this job

21st Apr 2003, 02:37
It would be sad to see BACX close IOM from many perspectives, not least the pride that existed when the Manx airlines ancestor operated their green and red 146's which were, as far as my transits of the Island suggested, always washed and polished at Ronaldsway on a Saturday afternoon.

With Euromanx, FlyBE and soon Aer Aran competing directly on BA's IOM routes, it will take some energy and commitment from BA to try to get their market back to where it was just a few years ago. Do they have this to give or will someone down south call time up? No idea.

22nd Apr 2003, 03:23
This will not be the first time that BA has pulled out of the IOM.

However as on previous occasions the resourceful people of the island will no doubt continue as before.

Maybe the blue aeroplanes will reappear?

23rd Apr 2003, 04:33
Well this sadly seems to confirm the rumours that i have head. I work for FlyBe at egns (maybe we could take over BACX......no maybe not) and i have heard from a few concerned members of staff that by the end of the year British Airways City Express will not be operating a base at egns (mind you that means that FlyBe can steal a few of the valuable parking stands) :ok:

Where is good old reliable Manx Airlines ?!?!..they should bring them back in!..probably more reliable the BA S****y Express anyway :8

23rd Apr 2003, 04:37
Well Boys and Girls!

Here we ago again, BA have turned 3 very profitable airlines, into, well, one big disaster!

Ever since BA bought these 3 airlines, there has been job losses, base closures and lots of uncertainty over jobs.

Seems to me that BA cant help themselves! Whats that saying again?


23rd Apr 2003, 05:08
Heard on the grapevine tonight that an announcment about
base closures due tomorrow[23rd] ALL bases to be closed
except BHX & MAN who get 2 years to make a profit or else the
mismanagment will close the whole show down. anybody got
any info?

23rd Apr 2003, 05:30
Ello Marlowe

I would find it very hard to believe that all the BACX bases, bar BHX and MAN will close and allow aother airlines to operate our profitable roots.

For one, all the maintainance for the BACX group is carried out on the IOM and BACX have a big office complex on fraggle rock employing the best part of 500 aviation professionals

Think the worst we can all expect is that all the bases operated by BACX will become non crewed bases in the near future, apparently, there is a big meeting planned at Viscount House in the next couple of days to acertain these changes.

I hope that BACX continue to operate out of the IOM, I would hate to see all those people down at the hangers out of a job!


23rd Apr 2003, 06:35
Who knows what this managment are thinking!!!! nothing
surprises me with citiexpress anymore I, like most staff am
fed up with my life being ran in 3 month periods between
FSAS reviews when do they end? do we go on like this until
there is nothing left to shut?

23rd Apr 2003, 20:21
Was an announcement made today or has it been put off again ?

24th Apr 2003, 06:34
As a couple of you have said these rumours abound at all times. But what do you mean by closure. If you mean closure of the route then I think not, however, if you mean closure and lose of those airports with BA ground / ramp handling staff then you may be nearer the mark. I am sure that the near term plan must eventually focus on LHR / LGW BA ground / operations/ engineering & ramp with the regions sadly disposed of.

BAs' plan for outsourcing has ground to a snails pace over the last few years beacause of the industry problems but that does not mean the plan has been shelved. As many of you state Waterworld / Compass support a massive number of staff and they will make sure that they are the last to go which means that outstations will bare the brunt of job losses.

24th Apr 2003, 07:55
Speaking as a PAX that has been using LHR + LTN to IOM for about 21 years and came back down on dear old MIMA on Tuesday ...

When BA bought Manx last year, I was heard saying (often) "They only bought the LHR slots, nothing else." Thus far, I have seen nothing to disagree with that.

BA have been buying UK regional airlines ever since when, they do it to get rid of competitors and take their slots for long haul. If this is not the case - then someone will advise me very soon now!

Oh yes, and I do remember the Viscounts!

24th Apr 2003, 18:24
Your theory nosedives when you consider Gatwick and the purchase of CFE. The airline bought CFE because it wanted the 97 slots I agree but it has been slimming down the longhaul operation at LGW ever since. CFE was bought for several reasons: BALPA drew a line in the sand over outsourcing of BA work at LGW/LHR, it was also a defensive measure against the low cost operators. Rod considers LGW as LHR's third runway and as such did not want to help the no frills operators to attack 'heathrows soft underbelly'! The situation in the regions is different to that at LGW, I don't know what the strategy is out there-does anyone else?!

24th Apr 2003, 22:34
It would appear that there never was a strategy that was in any way obvious and that fundamental questions about how BACX should be run are only now being addressed post this latest review of a review of a review. The latest outpourings from the 'leadership team' paint a picture of a complete lack of long- term strategy and clarity of thinking about quite what this little venture of merging 2 profitable companies would require.

For the front-line troops nothing has been resolved by the latest bulletin as a fleet/network review is still ongoing to the middle of next month. So life goes on in total uncertainty.

Exasperation about this complete debacle has been vented by many authors before me so I won't raise my blood pressure any further.

Remember, believe nothing until it has been officially denied!

25th Apr 2003, 15:10
I have seen this strategy adopted by management in many industries, as the uncertainty goes on and on more and more people jump ship, the resulting "reorganisation" costs are greatly reduced. Well done BA.

25th Apr 2003, 19:59
So is the base closing or not? can anyone answer the actual truth to this topic?
A simple answer yes or no please as i am a very concerned Pilot from the iom

26th Apr 2003, 03:43
Simple answer: Yes

Difficult question: When?