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Lump Jockey
12th Apr 2003, 23:50
Are all new 747s delivered/equipped with Autoland. If not, are they all CAT III? Thank you.

13th Apr 2003, 00:28
Yes, autoland is part of the standard equipment.

Cat III certification is given to an airline/fleet. Even if the airplanes are delivered with the physical/electronic capability, the pilots must be trained and certified, too.

13th Apr 2003, 02:15
I would go further, as far as I am aware all recent Boeing products : 737 - 300 up,747,757,767, and 777 are or were delivered autoland capable. the if is as he states wether the Airline, it's crews, and it's maintenance organisation maintains that level of performance and certification.
This statement is also good for all Airbus production.
Sits back in leather chair and awaits to be shot down in flames !

13th Apr 2003, 12:20
Every 747 I have flown, from early 1970's models onwards, have all had autoland.