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12th Apr 2003, 17:52
I'm building a small flying model (KK Flying Scale Series) of the PA-13, Piper Family Cruiser.

Can anyone out there help with colour data or pictures of a full-size example?

I've tried the EAA - they were fantastically helpful, but the info they had was limited. I've also tried several Piper books and the internet, but I can find little in the way of colour detail to support the few monochrome photos I've found so far.

Any help would be appreciated,


12th Apr 2003, 18:24
The KK Family Cruiser, I remember it well! (It's the PA-14, BTW). Off the top of my head I think Family Cruisers came out of the factory with only two paint scheme designs. I'm sure I have details and probably a detail drawing. Send me a private message and I'll mail copies of whatever I have. Always thought it odd that Keil-Kraft produced models of both the PA-12 Super Cruiser and the Family Cruiser, since there's little external difference save for the Family's wider fuselage and addition of flaps, neither of much significance on a small rubber-powered model. They did a nice little Luscombe Silvaire, Stinson 108-3, Cessna 140 and Globe Swift, too.

12th Apr 2003, 23:19
Thanks Aerohack, there's a message on the way.


14th Apr 2003, 05:36
Try www.supercub.org. They're very helpful and friendly. I'm sure they'll find you a pic.