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11th Apr 2003, 15:12
I have JAA Frozen ATPL and need to build some multi hours. Can anyone give me an idea of what sort of prices I will be looking at in the US for a block booking of about 40 hours, any twin, the cheaper the better.

Was also going to ask about how to get my JAR licence converted but a previous thread seems to answer most of my points. The only other question I have reagrding this is; What will I get in exchange for the Frozen JAA ATPL?

If I can get a bit of IR practice in as well all the better, but my Multi/IR is not current by about 6 months (due to money!!!), so that would probably mean training and then Visa?? Or is there another way around this without officially 'training'?



Flyer Flier
11th Apr 2003, 16:28
Hi Skyfarmer,
You've probably been reading the Foreign ATPL to FAA Private License Conversion thread that we were chatting about the last few days here. As you saw, it is still very straight forward once you have your validation letter in your hand from the FAA. This procedure also applies to Multi Engine (ME), So provided you have an ME Rating on your home Licence it will also appear on your US Private License and allow you to fly twins.
HOWEVER, the whole basis of this system is that you must have a valid and CURRENT home licence for the US license to be valid.
Therefore, you will need to do a test with your local examiner to get your home twin current if you want to fly twins in the USA.
To expand further, the IR is not initially transferrable to your US license, but if you have an IR on your foreign licence, then you only need to do a computer test. I bought the "Instrument Rating 2003 Test Prep" from Transair and can sit the ground exam here in the UK (either at Norwich or Hull) where I believe they are FAA qualified, or out in the States. The IR is then added to your US License.
Note, that when we researched our US flying holiday in Feb, the places we tried would only rent a twin out if you held an FAA IR. We settled on a C182 in the end for best mix of cost yet performance from high elevation fields ( not too many 7500 feet high airfields in the UK!!)
So in your case, the cheapest option may be to renew your home twin rating, but first find a school that will rent you a twin in the US without an IR otherwise you need more expense and effort. Also, unless you have already done one, you will need to do your initial US club check out as a Biennial Flight Review.
Good Luck. FF
P.S. We used http://www.landings.com/ as a good source of info for the States including their list of US flying schools for rentals. Finally, if you want a US ATP then you will have to do a test in the US, it is not a straight validation. Also, If you are doing your 40 hours just as a rental, then you shouldn't need a Visa as you are on holiday enjoying yourself!! Hopefully, some of our friendly US CFIIs will read this and can confirm all the above.

11th Apr 2003, 17:02
Chandler Air Service (http://www.aerobatics.com/) in Arizona have a very nice Aztec, not to mention some beautiful scenery to fly around in, and excellent instructors to bring you up to speed where necessary. Only problem is that they (or, more accurately, their insurance company) need a minimum of 500 hours total time before they'll let you solo in the Aztec, or at least they did when I was last there just over a year ago. Not sure if that's any good to you or not.


Seaweed Knees
12th Apr 2003, 08:53
ADP in the LA area has senecas for $120 an hour.

14th Apr 2003, 00:33
Go to www.adp-flight.com/index.htm , they have Senecas for $61/hr sharing the time with another pilot. I am looking into it and if you are interested we can fly together and log twice the time you buy.

I want to but 50 - 100 hrs.


[email protected]<hidden>

15th Apr 2003, 03:35
Definately look into the checkout requirements. But first, make sure the kite is looked after.......(hope I don't sound too condescending). Seen a few threads with cheap checkout/rental etc and it worries me a bit.

I know a decent place near San Fran (I have NO connection, just a recommendation) with decent minimums and a Seminole for 160 wet. Let me know if I can help.

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