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11th Apr 2003, 04:28
Anybody else out there think they are wonderful?

For the uninitiated these were the standard RAF issue compass during WW2. They are about 5" in diameter and the face is horizontal. One sets the course required on the outer ring (calibrated in degrees) and then lines up the floating T in the compass with the fixed open T which is connected to the outer ring to fly the set course.

One, P11 I think, is mounted with the upper face horizontal so the pilot looks down on it, the other, P12(?), is mounted inverted (!!!) with a mirror which wouldn't look out of place on one of Mr. Stobart's trucks cunningly positioned in front of the pilot so that he can see the face of the compass. It does work surprisingly well but is so typically British it's a caricature.

PS Anybody got a servicable P12 (inverted) compass that they would like to see mounted in an Auster cos mine is a tad tired? If you have please pm me with details.

17th Apr 2003, 19:40

I have just sent you a private message regarding P11 compasses. Regards,