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10th Apr 2003, 08:19
Hello Gentleman,

I am currently doing a project for college on North Atlantic airspace. Does anyone have any information on the following:

1. History and development of NATS (North Atlantic track

2. Requirements for airlines to use this airspace.

3. Procedures to enter and fly in this airspace.

Thanks very much,

10th Apr 2003, 18:06
Top of the Mornin' to yer ITF.
If you go to www.nat-pco.org this is the NAT programme Co-ordination office website where you can download a copy of the North Atlantic MNPS Operations Manual.
You will need to click on the blue MNPSA button on the menu on left of opening page.
This manual will provide you with loads of info together with other useful references. Page (i) states there is no objection to reproduction of extracts of information as long as the source is acknowledged.
Plagiarism... The student's stock-in-trade!!
Good Luck with your Project

11th Apr 2003, 04:12

Thanks for the link. Found the manuals very helpfull. If you have any more please keep them coming!

Thanks again,