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9th Apr 2003, 22:38
Anyone any thoughts on this. I don't know wether to go residential or distance learning. It would be good to be able to work part time whilst studying, only worry is actually failing!!


4T winks
9th Apr 2003, 22:49
Hey Silverknapper, I wouldn't worry about failing, we have all managed that, its the only way some of us learn. I have gone the self study route, mainly as I have a family, mortgage and don't have a spare 60 G's lying around.

With the present climate of non employment not going to change for a while, I suggest doing self study and get a part time job, that ways you can plod along with the exams, bank some cash and have a life. :}

10th Apr 2003, 16:54
If you have the option, I would do residential, without a doubt.

I've just finished a distance learning course. It's very tough. Not impossible (obviously, since I managed it) but tough. These exams are difficult enough as it is, I can't see any point in making things harder.

I'd only suggest distance learning if you really can't find either the time (in my case) or the money for residential.

Good luck!


Hostie from Hell
14th Apr 2003, 01:40
Having experienced both residential (CPL Initial) and distance learning (ATPL & Perf A) I found that home study to cover the material, plus a residential brush up course to get used to operating under exam conditions, and most importantly gain recent exam question feedback worked well and was a cost effective solution.

6 weeks of residential study was as effective but costly..
enjoy !!

As my ATPL lecturer said at the begining of our 10 day course.."Look on the bright side... pass these, and your next brush with the CAA means you have a job to go to !":sad:

Future Pundit
14th Apr 2003, 19:57
It is a catch 22.

If you have a family or a mortgage, then you need to work to pay bills etc.

If you have to work then time is very limited and it may take months to complete groundschool. Basically you are snookered whatever you do if you have a mortgage and family.

If I was single and did not have a house, then I would go for the full time coarse.

14th Apr 2003, 22:25
Distance learning isn't too bad though - I took around 15 months (although could have done it in 12 if I had been in a bit more of a hurry). I did feel alone at times though and even though the school was just a call away, not being surrounded by lecturers (and other students to discuss stuff with) all day, every day does make it hard to absorb the information. If you do decide to do the DL option, make full use of the 'brush ups' - even talking through a problem with another student can make things just snap immediately into focus. I was working full time too and did part of module 2 from my weekday bedroom in the Bristol Marriott while I was down at a client!

I did well though and I know other people who did using the DL option.

16th Apr 2003, 19:20
Thanks guys.

If I was going residential it would be glasgow, i'm from there. If i was going distance it would be bristol. I would basically study almost full time, what tempts me to bristol is their reputation. I have heard Glasgow haven't got too good a track record, especially the notes. Basically I would be going distance to work one day a week and get better tuition. Anyone with more thoughts on this please?



16th Apr 2003, 20:58
Why not visit Glasgow, have a look at their notes, and make up your own mind? I'm sure they'd be more than happy to show you around.

Do the same for Bristol, too - if you decide to go for DL, then you've made a good choice with them, but it would be interesting for you to compare their notes to Glasgow's.


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