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9th Apr 2003, 08:13
Could someone please direct me to where I can find out about the CAA exams for Commercial Licence.

Specifically I would like to know -

a. The exam topics / number of exams

b. Availiability of sample papers

c. Possibility of obtaining syllabus for study

d. Possibility of also buying any study material / books online or privately for airmail post.

I am not in Europe and would be grateful if someone could email me on [email protected]<hidden> with any information that you may have.

Thanks in advance.....

9th Apr 2003, 08:54
fut - you have this question posted both here and in "Groundschool" (which seems to be the obvious place for it).

Please - as you acknowledged when accepting the Pprune terms of agreement - don't post the same question in more than one place.

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