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7th Apr 2003, 16:38
Well the ex GO influence was not allowed to last very long at the Orange training centre, its all change an the old guard has returned.
I gather the guys from GO realised they were pi**ing against the wind and understandibly threw in the towel.

This best practice is a wonderful thing !!!!! :rolleyes:

7th Apr 2003, 17:46
Well as said many times before will be very interesting how EZY will cope with the intro of the Bus??!!

Elmer the Monk
8th Apr 2003, 15:48
I'm not sure what point is being made here. easyJet has a reputation second none for its standards of training and flight operations. The former head of training enjoyed a great deal of respect for his success in the role. I don't know why his successor the ex Go captain, has resigned from the position, but I doubt it was linked to any efforts to improve the department.

8th Apr 2003, 16:26
A great deal of respect from whom ?
Maybe you should ask around before you make your mind up on that one !.

I know that any attempt to improve procedures etc was met with resistance all the way, thats why the GO guys left. I dont blame them do you? :hmm:

Few Cloudy
8th Apr 2003, 19:31
Trouble is, the procedures at easy have changed a number of times in very few years. There comes a time when, even if there could be further improvements, it is better to leave things stable for a while and let everybody operate in familiar circumstances.

Apart from that, the training workload with all the expansion is enormous, so I can't blame the man for resisting change at the moment.

It is also natural, for new "brooms" to spot areas where improvement - at least in their eyes - could be made (could even be a step back to previous procedures...). The trick is to say nowt to begin with - get a feel for the operation and gently canvass people for their views.

A kind of pre-programmed confrontation like that is very hard to avoid otherwise...

8th Apr 2003, 23:01
noflare, you're way off target!

The head of trg referred to was not in any way involved whilst the 'Go guys' were in post.

He had moved on to another project and thus he did not 'resist' any proposals. This must have come from other quarters.

The chap in question - hopefully soon back in the hot seat - did indeed have a 1st class record in trg.

9th Apr 2003, 05:33
Totally agree with FewCloudy and FlapsOne. eJ has a very good reputation for training. I have no concerns about it at all, and consider it to be far advanced of some others.

There will always be some who have opinions about specific procedures, with very valid points. This does not mean their proposals are any better or safer.....just a different opinion.

eJ are very open to suggestions and will absorb good knowledge and experience from elsewhere. This has to be tempered, however, with the requirement for stability.