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7th Apr 2003, 06:21
About a month ago, there was a rumour that the last Belfast may have been purchased by someone in Australia.

Any more news ?

7th Apr 2003, 23:06
According to the CAA website the aircraft is now owned by TRANSPACIFIC PTY LTD of New South Wales and has had it's UK registration cancelled. Last I heard the aircraft was still parked up at Prestwick.

Spot 4
8th Apr 2003, 04:42
I have heard from a reliable source that the Belfasts future is far from certain not least because the only qualified flight examiner recently passed on.

It has been bought to transport sheep around Australasia, not the most dignified of retirements so perhaps a scrapping at prestwick may even be preferable.

8th Apr 2003, 18:55
As a kid in Belfast I saw these aeroplanes being tested and I cannot believe this one could be sheepwrecked!:O

9th Apr 2003, 04:37
I thought Marshall's had the mtx authority, and won't do any more work until someone antes up some ₤₤₤s.

9th Apr 2003, 21:06
Mike, what about the engine runs? Is anyone actually looking after the old girl? She won't last long just parked up outside...

18th Apr 2003, 18:21
I flew into PIK on the 16th and the Belfast was still parked outside Polar's hangar and didn't look like she had been receiving any attention. I hope they sort out the maintenance issues soon so she can return to the air.

20th Apr 2003, 03:47


Mr G.

20th Apr 2003, 19:18

22nd Apr 2003, 05:44
Looking at the B & W of the RAF Belfast I am struck by the crudity of the plumbing from the IFR probe. My local British Gas bloke could do a neater job than that.