View Full Version : Weight and Balance for 737-300īs

7th Apr 2003, 02:17
Can anybody share information concerning weight and balance
load sheets for the 737 300 that is SIMPLE to understand and explain ??? Any website etc ? In 737.org.uk I cannot find any mention.
Thank You.

7th Apr 2003, 07:43
While the numbers are different, if you have a handle on any similar style of loading system - whether it be for a 150 or a 747, then you read the 737 the same way.

Presentation in a particular system is largely a matter of the designer's or corporate policy preference and should have little to do with the accuracy or use if the thing is designed well.

Perhaps you could post some specific questions and we can address them in turn.

8th Apr 2003, 00:27
Flying for a low coast carrier, we do the load sheet and trim sheet for every flight. With practice, it becomes easily done. Ground ops just gives you the number of passengers (adults, children, infants) and the total baggage/cargo weight and in which cargo hold(s) they are in. Fuel load is selected by the crew and then rest is just simple calculation and plotting.

Yes, a specific question would be good or if you really want detailed info, message me if you want reference material posted to you.