View Full Version : Former Ansett Manager off to Skynet Asia?

6th Apr 2003, 11:54
Rumour has it an infamous former Ansett Fuhrer that likes to SHAVE is off to Japan to fly 737's with his former minions.
I hope 18 months in limbo and numerous airline rejections taught this individual some much needed humility.

A classic example of why you should be nice to people and not crap in your own nest.

Best of luck and be nice to the lads!!!!

6th Apr 2003, 15:31
Can hardly wait to see the look on his face when he asks the furry Greek one for some advice!!
I'm sure the guys will be just thrilled to have the former fearless leader on board!

Truth Seekers Int'nl
6th Apr 2003, 18:30
there is JUSTICE in this world !

..........way to go Shavee and good luck

missed this one, sorry folks, points awarded

Sly'n Smiley
6th Apr 2003, 20:29
Congrats to Shave. Every one re-employed a victory. Do well and have fun Shave. All the very best.:)

7th Apr 2003, 12:21
TIMMEEE, you surely aren't referring to the one who shaves (no pun intended) the top of his chest so his gold chains don't get tangled in his hair are you??

8th Apr 2003, 05:34
Not quite EPIRB.I think you are confusing him with the furry Greek!
'Shave' used to hold a very senior position in Sydney if thats of any help.

rescue 1
8th Apr 2003, 08:47
Perhaps its time to let by-gones be by-gones...

8th Apr 2003, 15:12
Yeah, I meant the furry Greek. I didn't think Shave wore gold chains!

8th Apr 2003, 20:39
I don't think the furry Greek had a vindictive bone in his body. I think he would have a smile on his face about the irony of the situation. I wonder if he has managed to give the Japanese rugby team a few pointers for the World Cup?

10th Apr 2003, 12:34
rescue 1,
Tell that to the group of guys who call themselves the 89ers, or is that 69ers.

You know them , they're the ones who call the 89 incident a war, and liken themselves to the holocaust survivors and diggers from WWII. Sickos.

10th Apr 2003, 17:28
:confused: Being new to this forum, whos who. That is , what are the scabs called and what the good guys called, apart from GENTLEMEN AVIATORS'. Apinun gud pella wontoks.

rescue 1
13th Apr 2003, 13:37
you are absolutely right...time for the weapons of mass destruction to be destroyed.

13th Apr 2003, 13:53
Thank you rescue 1. It looks as though robroy has a need for engagement though. At another time, I'll make it brief but efficient.