View Full Version : Two more Ansett pilots to Air Do?

Kaptin M
6th Apr 2003, 10:47
Rumour has it that two of the 5 ex-Ansett drivers employed by the now defunct LEQUOIS Airlines - a B767 operation that was to operate between Tokyo-Okinawa - may shortly join the other two in Air Do, a Japanese 767 operation flying between Sapporo-Tokyo.

Ex-Ansett pilots will be happy to learn that one of these 2 was president of the Ansett Pilots' Association up to its demise at the collapse of Ansett.

Talk about the Midas Touch!! Seems as tho' everything they're associated with turns to CLAY.

Sly'n Smiley
6th Apr 2003, 20:32
Ah Yes , great to hear M . Thank you. Every one re-employed a victory...:)

M Nitpak
7th Apr 2003, 11:23
Thanks once again for this "rich" piece of information;

But if true, it's great news for the 2 concerned. :) :) :)

You may be in for a few more employment surprises over the next few weeks. But you won't have a problem with that, will you ?

7th Apr 2003, 14:00
Yeah good to hear. Two more off the streets. Anyone else hearing of more good news please be sure to post it.


Foreign Worker
7th Apr 2003, 14:44
Japan, and particularly Air Do, not the place for non Japanese pilots to be thinking about just at the moment unless you plan on a short term stay.
Contact the recruiting agencies and ask them. Things are "very fluid" is the reply they are sending out to all enquirers. The Jap Pilots Union don't want any more non Japs, and they are letting their companies (All Nippon, Japan Airlines/Japan Air Systems) know it.