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Pole Vaulter
5th Apr 2003, 13:17
Another of your highly intelligent posts. It must have taken you hours of pondering over the keyboard to come up with those words of wisdom. I trust you feel happier now that you have got that totally irrelevent message off your chest. It had so much to do with this post.

5th Apr 2003, 17:01
I presume the above post is in reaction to a posting by Tool Time Two on the thread relating to the outbreak of SARS. (Virgin, the Flu etc).

Regardless of which side of the fence you may sit I cannot believe that anyone with the slightest connection to aviation could stoop so low as to suggest that it is OK for a fellow human being to contract such a deadly virus if he or she is deemed to be from the ranks of the so called "scabs".

I am with you Pole Vaulter. I have reported TTT's posting to the moderator and live in hope that he, and all other users of this forum, will denounce this post and the character responsible for such an outrage.

:( A very sad state of affairs indeed !!

Truth Seekers Int'nl
5th Apr 2003, 18:14
when are you guys going to realise and accept the fact that, like Hitler, WW2, Mussolini, Bob Hawke, the '89 Dispute, the Bismark, the Hindenberg, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, Karl Marx, the Vietnam War....................

TTT and amos are HISTORY !:cool:

Kaptin M
5th Apr 2003, 18:32
Well I've just read the post to which Clive refers ("As long as it's a scab who cares :cool: ), and don't see a reference to any person or persons.

Clive and Truth Seekers Int'nl however, ASSUME that the word "scab" now refers SOLELY to those pilots involved in Australia's aviation Dispute in 1989!!
Scabs also refer to a medical condition - you shouldn't be so pre-occupied with past events! :cool:

scab n Dry rough incrustration formed over sore in healing; mange, itch, or similar skin-disease; fungous plant-disease causing scablike roughness.

Take a Bex, an Aspro or a Panadol, have a warm cup of tea, and reeeelaxx., because if SARS doesn't get you, the STRESS might!

5th Apr 2003, 19:38
TTT has been dealt with and can spend a little time in the sinbin.

My apologies for not picking it up sooner as I was busy elsewhere on the site and not expecting any problems with a thread dealing with a serious medical issue.

You will know that I have ridden with a fairly light rein as far as that year is concerned and have only intervened when it got personal.

But TTTs comments on this totally unrelated subject to '89, go way beyond the pale and do not reflect well on those on "his" side of that fence. I would be dissapointed if the majority on that side did not agree with us.

I am going to close this thread as done and dusted.