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4th Apr 2003, 21:08
Hello everyone, can you advise me of where there is/ where I would find out about doing my JAA commercial license in the states. Any info/experiences/stories appreciated.


5th Apr 2003, 11:08

You can check out CAA's website and find out the list of approved schools conducting modular training in the USA.

Comair Aviation Academy: www.deltaconnectionacademy.com
European Flight Training: www.europeanflighttraining.com
IFTA: www.internationalflighttraining.com
Tyler Aviation: not sure about their website try Oxford.

You can also try Western Michigan, not sure if they offer any modual CPL training.

Good luck with your flight training.

5th Apr 2003, 20:31
There is also Orlando Flight Training in Kissimmee, a suburb of Orlando.

They are "approved" - but I've never heard of them actually having done any courses.

5th Apr 2003, 22:23
Helicopter Adventures, Inc. in Titusville, Florida offers the JAA helicopter programme.
their website is www.heli.com

6th Apr 2003, 00:40
try www.oxfordaviation.net , they are located in Tyler TX, nice wx, nice aircraft, good intructors..and run by British.


Long Beach CFII
7th Apr 2003, 14:02
Rainbow Air/UKFT at Long Beach. I'm an Instructor there and if you would like further info, feel free to write me ([email protected]<hidden>)


7th Apr 2003, 20:50
Long Beach...

Let's leave it on the forum for a bit longer instead of e-mailing - here's your chance for a free advert on Pprune.

Spanner asked to do a (cut/paste) JAA commercial license in the States.

I've just looked at the list of approved schools (as mentioned above).

Please advise of prices for the JAA commercial license at your school - and add some names and e-mails of people that we can contact for references as to how good your JAA commercial license course was.

How many have you done - as an individual? Who does the school use as the FE(CPL)?

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