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2nd Apr 2003, 19:55

I've got some question about A320 automated system.

-Suppose you have just landed, and the TO waypoint would been ones of the Missed approach procedure. My question is: when does this waypoint disappear from the ND once landed?

-Suppose you are descending with Managed Speed. My question is: when does the plane slow down automatically to Vapp?

-Is it possible to have Managed speed or LNAV, VNAV armed without F/D engaged?


2nd Apr 2003, 20:57
The lateral Flt plan is removed 30 sec after landing (termination of appr phase), as far as I remember, message: DONE.

Automatic deceleration occurs when overflying the DECEL WPT while in NAV or LOC* / LOC mode and below 7'200 ft AGL
(or, of course, manual activation of appr phase). The a/c will only slow to green dot / S / F speed, you have to move flaps manually, of course.

Managed speed YES, but NAV needs at least one FD engaged to remain on.

Cheers Rapide

4th Apr 2003, 21:50
It is possible to have the autopilot on and the FDs off in which case yes you can have NAV (LNAV as you have called it) and CLB or DEScent (VNAV in your post).
Cheers idg