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2nd Apr 2003, 11:04
Noticed yesterday that all the television monitors were turned off down in the baggage area of Sydney T2.
It was mentioned by a VB baggage handler that it was a management directive.
Anyone got any info?

Z Force
2nd Apr 2003, 11:29
Perhaps it's for cost cutting maybe?

2nd Apr 2003, 19:02
Apparently, they don't pay people to watch TV and miss bags on flights.

The TV service is free but not very productive especially when Jerry Springer or Days of Our Lives was on.

When asked "have you got the last bags for MEL" the usual response was "hang on this is really interesting".

Real danger of becoming like AN, if nothing was done me thinks.

Zephyr Man
2nd Apr 2003, 20:17
Spot on HGW.

I think they have a few more things to worry about though........

3rd Apr 2003, 19:37
Its the baggage area & its fairly repetitive work.
They move huge volumes of luggage down there.
Was there that many bags going astray?