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stringfellow hawke
2nd Apr 2003, 00:07
Does anyone out there have any opinions on ATPL/PPL computer based training and know what the options are? I'd be interested to know of any schools who use this training method or places I can buy CD-ROMS or train on-line.

I've seen examples of the Jeppensen/Oxford stuff and the Bristol stuff. Have people found this kind of teaching method beneficial, or are the books a better way to learn?

Many thanks.

2nd Apr 2003, 00:15
Personally, I hate CBT. Not sure if that's just because I work in IT so I'd rather get away from computer screens, but I can't take in information from a screen as well as I can from a piece of paper. Besides which, I like my green highlighter pen!

However, having done the Bristol course, I found the CD very useful for one thing, and that was the progress tests. I read through the chapters for each frame thoroughly, made notes, marked lots of bits in green ;) and then switched the computer on and did the progress tests, which highlighted areas where I still needed more work. Ensured that when I came to actually send the progress tests off to Bristol for marking, I was up to speed and passed them all.

The other thing the CD was useful for was the "search" facility - find a phrase or word you're not familiar with, search for it, and find the place in the notes where it's discussed. Then finding the relevant page in the paper notes is easy.

Of course the great thing about the Bristol CD is that it's got everything on it, so those who do like CBT will use it, those who don't won't, and everyone's happy.

Haven't seen any other CDs to compare it to.


long final
2nd Apr 2003, 00:57
I would echo FFF's comments - I really believed that I would use the CBT, but quickly found it much harder to digest the info compared to the books.

The Progress Tests are the main plus for me.

I did find the Oxford Met CD very useful though. It lacks the depth of the Bristol course material - IMO - but is very effective in getting the basics across.


Alex Whittingham
2nd Apr 2003, 17:58
Pure CBT was seen ten years ago as cutting edge but it is now largely discredited in the training world.

The problems are that:

It doesn't encourage you to think through problems
It's very expensive to produce, 10,000 to 12,000 an hour.
Because of that it doesn't get revised as often as it should
From a sales point of view it looks dated very quickly

This doesn't mean it doesn't still have its place. It still works fine for factual subjects like type rating training and revision courses, electronic testing is very effective and animations and graphics often explain concepts much better than text and drawings do.

Most people find that CBT is best used alongside traditional training methods. Use CBT when it helps, use traditional written text and manuals when they work for you.

5th Apr 2003, 05:47
Cranfield Aviation Training School has CBT!

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