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1st Apr 2003, 14:37

Australia's airline bird strike rates rocket

SYDNEY, April 1 (Reuters) - Feathers are flying in Australian skies as airlines report a massive jump in the number of potentially "catastrophic" collisions with birds.

Pink and grey galahs, hawks, ibis, ducks and bats are among Australian creatures most commonly hit by planes and all punch well above their weight, the Australian Transport Safety Authority (ATSB) said in a report released on Tuesday.

A flock of birds can severely dent a plane's fuselage or cause a loss of power if sucked into a jet engine, said the ATSB, citing figures showing close encounters of a feathered kind cost the world's civil aviation industry $3 billion a year.

Tiny starlings can exert up to 4.6 tonnes of force on a plane travelling at high speed, while a hefty eagle has an impact force of almost 14 tonnes.

"If the trends of increasing bird populations and increasing aircraft numbers continue, the occurrence of bird strikes with catastrophic outcomes are likely to continue to rise," the ATSB said.

The ATSB said the number of reported bird strikes leapt 80.5 percent from 1991/92 to 2000/01 in Australia.

It was not clear whether the increase was simply due to larger flocks of birds and growing numbers of planes, or also to better reporting systems.

The ATSB said hand-held laser devices used to frighten birds away from airports and U.S.-developed bird warning systems were proving a success around the world. Meanwhile, new engine designs might find a way to reduce the damage.

Hugh Jarse
1st Apr 2003, 16:41
Well I guess you can't expect much else, when local governments persist in putting such things as rubbish dumps, allow share cropping on some airports, etc and other activities which encourage the bird population to flourish in the vicinity of airports...

You can't put brains in a statue :yuk: ............................

2nd Apr 2003, 10:12
And you can't help flying with legends like Billy Birdstrike either!

3rd Apr 2003, 20:01
Virgin took out not 1 but 2 kestrels departing RWY 25 the other day, did hear any reports of damage.

crocodile redundee
4th Apr 2003, 14:31
Lets get back to the good old days "IF IT MOVES SHOOT IT - IF IT DOESN'T , CHOP IT DOWN"