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Alan Tracey
1st Apr 2003, 03:57
I heard today that the management at Monarch were meeting today ref. poss. downsizing(????) due to lost summer business.

I was told that their has been a large drop in long haul demand and therefore alot of consolidation.Also the majors are dropping Monarch and going inhouse, the Direct holiday's lost of business is 2 a/c.

1st Apr 2003, 04:12
Unlikley to downsize especially with the increase in scheduled programme . May not show any expansion , just use the new 321's to replace old 320's. Management / owners prefere to be ready for new business rather than miss out.

1st Apr 2003, 11:09
Maybe a mushroom farm, but MON is one of those companies that just seems to plod on regardless, very often un-noticed and under rated, and never really compared with the likes of JMC, BY and MYT. I suspect MON has a really robust management structure and from what I can gather, low staff turnover.

Wish they'd keep the old livery too.

1st Apr 2003, 14:01
A300MAN - JMC :confused:
Don't you mean TCX :p

1st Apr 2003, 15:01
.....now there's a company we never hear any thing bad about!

Good on 'em!

PS I like the new livery!

1st Apr 2003, 23:43
As a regular user of the scheduled services, I would be very very very upset if Monarch were to cease the Luton Malaga and Gibraltar services. They provide a 1000% better alternative, service, aircraft, crew, as well as all last year less expensive than agent orange. I start my monthly R and R Sun trips next week, and hope to support them for many years to come.

2nd Apr 2003, 00:05
Hear Hear Bumz! Couldn't agree more. A cut above the rest, I would say.

2nd Apr 2003, 00:25
If I had my time again - and needless to say, I don't! - I would beat a path to MON's door and stay there. I have been a passenger across the Atlantic with them - best trip I've had, and have friends who work there who wouldn't be anywhere else. They seem to have a Flight Deck management structure of quality and integrity. Good on 'em - I for one hope they are here for a very long time.

2nd Apr 2003, 02:02
MON scheduled is a quality operation and hope to be using them for years to come. Long may they reign!

Sir George Cayley
2nd Apr 2003, 03:32
Which goes to show you can have shiny new a/c, plush HQ snazzy ads etc but its the quality of people who count and ultimately make a company what it is.

And I mean throughout the structure

Go Spotty M's Go!

Sir George Cayley

The air is a navigable ocean that laps at everyone door

2nd Apr 2003, 15:42
The only problem with Monarch are those pilots who pronounce their call sign "MON ARK" is this an SOP or are these the kind of people who (if they were flying for BA) may prefix their callsign CONCORD ?

Papa Agnis
2nd Apr 2003, 16:03
Correction LAF, it is actually "THEE MON ARK"!

Sir Kitt Braker
2nd Apr 2003, 16:04
"MON ARK" is bad enough, but it's "Thee MON ARK" that's gets me! I think it follows from Thee Concord and Thee Speedbird...

Few Cloudy
2nd Apr 2003, 16:37
So how are you supposed to pronounce it then? Monuck?

2nd Apr 2003, 18:16
No, I think you'll find it's MON-ERK as in the Monerky :D

And why do people say THE .........? :rolleyes:

2nd Apr 2003, 20:06
and back to the original topic then.

So Alan Tracy, Just whereabouts did you hear about the so called down sizing or "problems at monarch" that your posting suggests? I only ask as this has all the hallmarks of journolistic bull5hit.

2nd Apr 2003, 20:17
BOEINGBOY1 tend to agree!

2nd Apr 2003, 22:55
Exactly, from what I've seen, they have been sub-chartering some long haul as the demand for a good product is growing, and the replacement of A320 with A321 allows potential for growth without any other financial growth of the support infrastructure. Expansion of the seat only scheduled market provides a decent alternative to the "basic" flight service offered by the orange brigade, shame it wasn't available earlier @ LGW!

2nd Apr 2003, 23:14
If you can't beat e'm, slag em off and spread sh*t about them.

Might not be the case here, but time will tell.

May the small guy win! (I've flown spotty too, and echo the sentiments expressed by others)


Whiskey Zulu
4th Apr 2003, 03:01
All the frills service at a no frills price. If you haven't tried the scheduled product, you really don't know what your missing.

No free seating mad rush
Quality Meal
Free drinks
Qualty onboard service
Free newspapers

Rumours to the contrary are rollox. They have an ever growing, ever loyal customer base and are the big four's IT airline of choice. Why would they give it to their competition!


4th Apr 2003, 05:58
Performed many sub-charters for MON from MAN several years ago. They always requested that the crew report to the MON office for a preflight briefing.
VERY professionally done...superb from what I could see.
Cabin crew likewise, always two on board for these flights ( in addition to the normal provided complement)....seemed to me a fine operation.
From what I noticed....first class all the way.
An old line company...doing OK.

4th Apr 2003, 15:46
411A - Many thanks for your kind comments.

My best wishes to ALL airlines/staff/passengers in these difficult times.

From a "Spotty M" insider...

4th Apr 2003, 16:05
411A Your comments re Monarch whilst quite correct amaze me.

Are you going soft in the head due to your obvious old age or is there hope for us all that you are a reformed character??.

4th Apr 2003, 22:10
Quite the opposite. Just noticed that MON seems to make the job of the "contracted crew" more pleasant. Superb briefing, instead of just tossing the papers at you.
They seem to do it right.

5th Apr 2003, 07:38
Thanks again 411A, - we do do it right at spotty M.

Praise where praise is due!

5th Apr 2003, 13:23
I fly for a major competitor IT charter airline but have flown on more than one occasion with Monarch. I have always been
impressed by their operation and whilst they may appear to have
a rather 'stuffy'image they seem to treat their customers very well
indeed. Unlike some other airlines Monarch do not seem to want
to forget that the passenger should come first thus retaining customer loyalty and not forever chasing more cost-cutting measures which reduce the level of service.

6th Apr 2003, 06:58
Firstly, on topic, I know people who work for Monarch and I endorse all the good things said before on this thread - long may it continue.

Secondly, back OFF topic, for the benefit of LAF and Sir Kit Braker -the reason Concorde callsigns are prefixed "Speedbird Concorde xxxx" is because it's SOPs to do so; as described in our FM and, presumably, in the relevant MATS. The reasons are historical and too boring to detail here, but there you have it.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but I've just had my fill of explaining why we use that callsign.

As for "THE............" Well, I agree with all that has been said before.

6th Apr 2003, 10:01
:O Thanks WOK, long live Sops. What ever they may say, in any company. People should remember that Sops are written for a Company operation, and may not suit anyone else. But as long as they are safe, who cares??. If you are required to call it "Concorde sitting in foul Milk 371", because its a Sop, well who cares ? I dont. Thats what I work towards. Regards SOPS

6th Apr 2003, 18:18
Monarch are the best UK operator by far.....End of discussion.

What did happen in GIB with the nose wheel. I was on the flight taking Mr Boeing to check it out.
On a later flight I was fortunate to discuss with Fleet Captain the general situation of operations in Monarch, and was very impressed with the entire set up.
I have also been involved in the cabin crew training, in a small capacity, and very impressed with the overall sense of satisfaction internally.

Long may they reign.

PS...... Can I book LTN-AGP on 12th April return 16th and my normal seat.....
PPS....Plus the breakfast, free newspaper, drinks, and smiles all round....
PPS...The lounge is one of the best in Europe....
PPPS.....I am not rated on any types they operate, and not looking for a job....honest.....

6th Apr 2003, 19:38
Who owns Monarch? Do they ever come out of the shadows? Air Europe was highly thought of when they went belly up. Just a few thoughts after a long run of flattering postings.

6th Apr 2003, 23:55
Private company, the Italian connection, horses head an all that..... http://www.stopstart.freeserve.co.uk/smilie/smokin.gif

Owned by Private shareholders in all seriousness.


7th Apr 2003, 04:17
I worked for them for six years '89 to '95 on their flight simulator, never heard of them before I joined! As mentioned before, they work quietly and effectively to give a great product and have been doing so for a LONG time. To compare them to the short lived likes of Air 2000 does them a dis service. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, they were a great company to work for - a real family atmosphere.

Long may they continue!

Hot 'n' High
7th Apr 2003, 04:56
How good it is to see such a positive response regarding Monarch! In this day and age it good to see there are companies who seem to engender such support. My contact, a few years ago, in the field of Engineering, bears this out.

Off topic, from my understanding, the Concorde ref in the callsign is used to let ATC know they have a "rocket" they can play with in terms of separation etc - but one that has its' own operational characteristics which need to be respected as any delta a/c would have. But Iím sure Concorde jocks are far better placed to advise us Proles! Just great to see them flying again!

H 'n' H ;)

7th Apr 2003, 15:24
I had some dealings with the Spotty M training department a few years ago. Thoroughly impressed by all of them. Professional gentlemen to the last. I was offered a job once - only a six month contract alas - and wish I had had a career with them.

Pilots who have left Monarch always seem to talk highly of them too. How many airlines can claim that?

7th Apr 2003, 17:08

For your information Air 2000 are entering their sixteenth year of operation and still going strong. Hardly short lived!

7th Apr 2003, 19:22

Half as long as the spotty M

Its all relative !

9th Apr 2003, 02:23
Monarch is not and never will be a charity, they fly to make a profit. The company is extremely asset rich and does not suffer from cash flow problems unlike the majority of our competitors. I also suspect this is another journalistic load of rubbish, if not then I would suggest the future of our not so lean competitors is very bleak. MON is one of aviations silent survivors of which I have had the pleasure of working for the last 18 years so I do know what Iam talking about.

9th Apr 2003, 06:12
Maybe it depends on whereabouts in the country you come from!

if you are a southerner then it would be MONAAAARCH.

if your a northerner then it would be MONERK

dont you think???

9th Apr 2003, 08:55
If you're a Yank, it would be MON-ARK !

10th Apr 2003, 20:03
I can't believe this love-in is still on the front forum, shouldn't it be in Airlines and Routes by now?