View Full Version : $10.5m Upgrade for Townsville Intl Apt

30th Mar 2003, 04:48
Initial works are about to be executed in the $10.5m upgrading of the Townsville Airport terminal.

Once completed around late October this year the upgraded airport terminal will have the following features:

1. 4 Aerobridges (including the circa-1981 intl designated one)
2. The ground level area will be expanded
3. Escalators, stairs and lift facilites to the departure level
4. An upper-level walkway which gives apron views.

Does anyone have any info as to what parts of the current infrastructure will be modified, if any? Eg domestic sections to be adjusted and the intl dep lounge and the inbound intl immigration and baggage collection stretch?

More details of the works are available from the Townsville Bulletin website:


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