View Full Version : Metro III performance data

29th Mar 2003, 18:45
Assuming ISA conditions and JAA Public Transport criteria, would there be any pax load restriction landing a Metro III on a 1000m LDA strip?

30th Mar 2003, 02:08
Off hand I would say yes..Reviewing 'the data'in the AOM for some 'chaters' into the British Columbia interior it was noted that the ASDA was in the area of 4200' feet.Although this was at 4000'Alt' the a/craft still needs quite q bit at sealevel..

To answer your 'question'-No'there would be no restriction to the LANDING...Metro 3 Icao annex data shows that the a/craft would require(no wind)a distance of approx 2550'(AOM 4G.4)at sea level