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29th Mar 2003, 04:07
I have a couple of Gipsy engines and have found a depressingly low information base among general LAMEs about these engines.

We really need a centre of information to be built up with sub sections such as Magnetos, Carbies, Heads etc.

Any sources of supply of parts which will accept e-mail credit card for things such as REL38b Champion spark plugs?

vintage ATCO
29th Mar 2003, 15:26
Are you a member of the de Havilland Moth Club http://www.dhmothclub.co.uk/ ? Must be a lot of information about gipsy engines there. There is also a private forum for members similar to PPRuNe where you could ask.


Feather #3
29th Mar 2003, 17:53
Scion ,

Email me at <co[email protected]> please for phone numbers & details.

We've just done a top overhaul on two Gipsy's and are quite up with the who's who in Oz.

G'day ;)

29th Mar 2003, 19:28
Scion try contacting Vintech in the UK. They are on 00 44 176 765 1794 and ask for Mike Vaisey.

31st Mar 2003, 15:08
Hi Scion,

Hows the Scion progressing? A rare bird indeed.

How about starting a thread on it?

I subscribe to 'Classic Wings Down Under' hoping to see an update on this very interesting machine.

If you have the time, how about starting a thread? You may find lots of information from UK based afficianado's.

I have filled in all the gaps in my gorgeous Miles Falcon's history and have been pleasantly surprised at the depth of knowledge that still exists.

Gipsy - If you need bits, inofrmation or work, the people to speak to bar none in the UK are Vintec (Vintage Engine Technology) at Little Gransden Airfield in Bedfordshire. .

My Falcon has a Vintec-rebuilt 10/2. I can't believe that they were ever that good from new! It is a jewel.

Lovely people too.

I have seen other 'rebuilds' - often just a set of realigned paperwork and a nice thick layer of fresh paint - 'you pay's your money, you take's your choice.'

I flew behind mine over the lakes and pine forests of Sweden last year. I took great comfort that Vintec gave it the one-over the day before I left.

Please contribute to the Aviation History & Nostalgia Forum Scion - we are fascinated to hear whats going on Down Under and promise we won't swoop down there and nick yet more of your aviation heritage.

Pobjoy Niagara - my mates with a BA Swallow are struggling for Niagara bits, mainly cylinder parts.

Do you know of a cache down there? Any manuals?

A good spare engine would be a 'find' indeed.


1st Apr 2003, 03:48
Thanks for your reply and it is good to hear from other nutters. To keep you posted the fus has been finished as far as the welding and x-rays are concerned but the woodwork is going at about a day a month. Other things have happened. I found a Pobjoy in a hanger in Melbourne with a logbook and contacted the erstwhile owner. He had a Klemm l25 d2 for sale so this arrived also. Next the museam at Wangaratta went "financially catcus" and they had a British Klemm Eagle. In a fit of madness that joined the birdcage. I foiund a cache of 7 Pobjoys got those but a Comper Swift came with them and at about the same time a Rapide and Foxmoth in bits. ----- Help!!!!

Things are getting better and I now have main spar extrusions for the scion from the good old USA. I now have to get the main spar rebuilt, a warren truss , and then move on to the engines. Interestingly Stan Pobjoy a distant relative is rebuilding them for me! The first to go into the swift for a trial. Paul W from Scotland visited and took lots of photos and drawings of the Swift and speculates on posting these on the web.

It could open up a great source!

Are you featured in one of the Mags with the Miles"stable"


2nd Apr 2003, 23:35
Hi Scion,

Great to hear your news on the Scion.

So, now we know where the worlds supply of Pobjoy engines is!

Spares are hens teeth here and much needed for our BA Swallow.

In response to your MMMmmmiles question - yes - check out Nov. 02 Pilot and Feb03 FlyPast. My Magister is also pictured in the latest Classic Wings.

Can you post some piccies of the Scion (fresh thread I reckon!) - lots of interest here I am sure.

Best regards from 'Up Over'.


5th Apr 2003, 17:30
I thought that I might amuse you all with the saga of the left {port} engine of our Rapide.

Previously we had changed the right engine as it was out of hours to a zero timed engine but took the opertunity to do a compression test on the left engine. One was very low so as there had been a top overhaul done 100hrs ago as a preamble to a hours extension that never happened we swapped a head. When the aeroplane arrived chez scion the left engine had 14mm plugs and the right 12mm plugs so now we have all cylinders 14mm save 1.

On run ups we couldn't get more than 1700 rpm, insuficient for flight. But the engine was incredably smooth. Must be fuel- - - carbies checked, fuel cut-off system dismanteled and rebuilt, fuel pumps off and rebuilt and vac systm isolated. System checked for induction leaks.

De H must have been related to Jaguar because to get the fuel pump out of that area requires the dexterity of a marmaset on speed and the strength of superman. Don't even mention the words the Clergy do not know.

Well it turns out that both 12 mm plugs on one cylinder are catcus and after replacement the engine performes faultlessly. I cannot understand how the engine could be so smooth on 5 cylinders. It was No 1 cylinder that was out. Any explanation out there?

Someone told me that the early Queen 2 had 10mm plugs-- Why do they do this to us?

On the good side the fuel system has been rebuilt and understood, and the mortification has been excellent for the soul.

Happy Easter to you all.

Hugs and Kisses