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17th Jan 2002, 22:43
found this on another web board:

Co-Pilot Sues SkyWest for Mistreatment
Wednesday, January 16, 2002


A female co-pilot for SkyWest Airlines filed a lawsuit against the company in federal court Tuesday, alleging a male pilot exposed himself to her in the cockpit while on final approach to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport last month.
Paula Manjarrez's suit in U.S. District Court for Utah claims that following the incident, SkyWest supervisors laughed and "high-fived" pilot Robin Wall for "his sexually demeaning and obscene performance."
SkyWest Airlines officials said they could not comment on the contents of the suit because they had not been served as of Tuesday afternoon.
"However, SkyWest categorically denies that Ms. Manjarrez was unfairly treated in any way in connection with her employment," said Sabrena Suite, spokeswoman for SkyWest.
In the lawsuit filed by Salt Lake City attorney Bel-Ami De Montreux, the Salt Lake County woman also claims she was unfairly disciplined after she piloted a flight from Omaha, Neb., to Salt Lake City International Airport following a hail storm last May.
After Manjarrez was placed on administrative suspension and demoted from pilot to co-pilot, she filed a discrimination complaint with the Utah Anti-Discrimination Division. Four months later, she received official permission to sue the St. George company.
Last month during a landing, Manjarrez was working as co-pilot when Wall allegedly pulled down his pants, grabbed his penis and demanded she perform a sex act, according to the suit. After Manjarrez refused, the pilot pressed himself against Manjarrez and "proceeded to fill a soft drink container with urine."
Last week, Manjarrez was placed on leave without pay and required to participate in the company's mental health or counseling program to prove her fitness to remain a SkyWest employee.
The suit alleges gender discrimination, retaliatory discrimination and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Manjarrez demands a jury trial and asks for punitive and compensatory damages and attorney fees.
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18th Jan 2002, 22:28
Without in any way belittling or condoning this appalling (as reported) behaviour, someone has to ask -

'On final approach' - 'during a landing'

What sort of finals are they flying, and how's that for a floated touchdown!

Ignition Override
19th Jan 2002, 05:21
f10: There is some small possibility that a pilot did such strange things, but is it also possible that the FO, who was demoted (don't forget), is hallucinating, or lying?

The quickest way to begin saving for retirement is to create a lawsuit which has no merit. Various flight attendants have looked for any trivial reason to begin such proceedings. Such a dame with my company stated to another one, "I hope I can win the "lottery". This is slang for a lucrative payoff by the airline which will stop any further sexual harassment proceedings, irregardless of any merit.

I met a female pilot who worked at Miss Valley Airlines (Paula X), who has been fired from various companies, and not many years ago filed suit against United Airlines, after she failed a checkride. She had allegedly told at least two Shorts captains with MVA that, "I was born female and ***** and the world owes me a living". Before the job opportunity with United, she had either threatened, or begun suits against several former employers. Another infamous pilot, named Paula, who profited very much from the Navy Tailhook scandal, allegedly also filed suit against United (maybe hoping for another large chunk of US dollars?).

Let's don't forget the other possible side of the coin, whether these possibilites are the awkward truth or not. So-called "political correctness" is hogwash created by university professors (many are Marxist feminists...or their cowardly male eunuchs: many of these male eunuchs work for major airlines, and quite a number are at the training centers), who hide in the halls of academia.

At my company, you can mess up anything-unless you are a male Caucasian. Suddenly, they have no tolerance, and will make no excuses for you. But they can't fool any of us.

What a hypocritical corporate policy, which loudly trumpets the claim that it has no prejudices.

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19th Jan 2002, 07:13
It's funny that the ones that file the suits are the usually the ones that have a history of problems (failing check rides, harassment etc.)......

Funny, you don't hear of too many guys filing suits for stuff like this.

I agree with the lottery analogy.

This case might have merit, but I've seen too many bogus sexual harassment/discrimination suits in my career.

King Chile
19th Jan 2002, 09:11
Likewise Tripower455, and does anybody else in here see the analogy between this and E.K.Gann's 'lighted matches' episode from 'Fate Is the Hunter' ?

Now if my co-pilot whipped out her bristols, or even flashed me with the old Salmon can, I somehow don't think I'd be filing a law suit - more like getting straight on the blower to ATC and asking for directions to the nearest motel !

...... and before anybody asks, No, I'm not a reincarnation of the great Captain I F Snailtrails - wish I was though ! - anybody got any recent news of that legendary raconteur ?

19th Jan 2002, 15:37
Yep, in the American system, the white male is guilty until proven innocent of sexual hazmat charges. Paula Coughlan made about $6,000,000 off Tailhook. Ms. Manjarrez will probably get an out of court settlement from her employer whether the allegations are true or not. It's the price we pay for gender diversity in the cockpit (not that there's anything wrong with that...).

20th Jan 2002, 00:36
so this is a male, dosn't really matter whether a pilot or not who can 'pull down his pants, grab his penis and demanded she perform a sex act' and then decide to "fill a soft drink container with urine." ??
and all on final approach ??
ever tried going to the loo with a stiffy ??
sounds like b***s***,

Michael Matusky
20th Jan 2002, 01:23
I am, Like some of the other Individual's on here that actually fly airplane's, not going to buy this story....... Final approach is the busiest time of our whole day and to ask for oral sex on final has to be a death wish at best. Something is wrong with this whole picture.I'm just not sure if I have the scenario right because what we get are rumors anyway but any Captain that would ask a first for sexual favors on final probably shouldn't be sitting where he's at anyhow............Mike..............It's easier to get forgiveness than permission!!!!!!

Shore Guy
20th Jan 2002, 02:08
In this lawsuit happy country (USA), this young lady will probably wind up (as will her attorneys), with a bag of dough. Few companies have the fortitude to fully legally challenge a discrimination suit. And the plaintiffs are quite aware of this.

HR folks tend to be quite a bit to the left of center. The emphasis in hiring in the US is now “diversity”. There are (unwritten) differences in qualifications for hiring based on gender, race, etc. Some new hire class photos look like a UNICEF poster.

Has there been discrimination in the past? Are some airline pilots Male Chauvinist Pigs? Yes, of course. But the chosen remedy, hiring and then tolerating individuals whose qualifications and subsequent performance are substandard is not the answer, particularly in safety related jobs such as ours.

In no way am I casting the net over the entire group who are of minority status. Most are excellent pilots and fine individuals. But there are some who are not, and they are afforded protections and privileges not available to the rest of us.

Who said it first – “Two wrongs do not make a right”.

Ignition Override
20th Jan 2002, 08:52
According to an article several years ago in FAPA , both Paula DuBois (from MVA) and Paula Conklin (from Tailhook "fame") filed various suits against United. At least one of them busted a DC-10 FE checkride at least twice.

Can you imagine how much money their attorneys could earn? Some countries might call that blackmail or extortion.

Just to set the record straight, I have no complaints at all against the lady FOs or Captain who I have flown with (in our twin turbine machines). They fly like the guys, but certainly look and smell better-nothing personal, dudes. And at my company, their qualifications and hours are the same as for the guys-no critiques here at all.

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20th Jan 2002, 17:41
Some companies have been through this game enough times to know how to play it properly. We had a case were the aggrieved individual had to back down or be trumped. Management knew the system was being played. It may have been a lottery for the first people who tried it, but most outfits have a playbook now.

20th Jan 2002, 17:49
If the captain had known she was filing these charges, he could have pulled the c/b on the CVR after landing, thus providing evidence as to what was said....

After that Fedex DC-10 incident (the attempted hijack/suicide), the captain pulled the CVR c/b when on the ground. Evidence off the tape was vital in proving the hijacking charge and getting the perpetrator life in the federal pen.