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28th Mar 2003, 07:02
Virgin Blue First In The World To Introduce Revolutionary "VSD" Cockpit Technology

Australia’s low fare airline, Virgin Blue has taken delivery of the first commercial aircraft in the world to have Vertical Situation Display (VSD) in the cockpit.

The software further enhances the outstanding safety features of the Boeing Next-Generation 737 by displaying the vertical profile of the aircraft’s flight path. VSD shows the current and predicted flight path of the aircraft and indicates potential conflicts with terrain. VSD also helps pilots monitor the aircraft’s vertical flight path on approach and compliments the standard liquid crystal navigation display.

Virgin Blue is Boeing’s launch customer for the software, highlighting the airline’s commitment to using the most advanced safety systems available.

Virgin Blue’s Flight Operations Technical Manager, Captain Steve Knudsen flew Boeing’s “technology demonstrator” 737-900 aircraft from Seattle fitted with the VSD to determine the value of introducing the system to Virgin Blue’s fleet.

“We believe the Next-Generation 737 is the best commercial aircraft in the world in terms of technology and the new Vertical Situation Display provides pilots with yet another tool to monitor the aircraft’s flight path. Having VSD is especially important in Australia due to the lack of precision approach aids at airports around the country, compared to Europe and the US”.

The first aircraft (VH-VBT – “Launie Lass”) is already in service on Virgin Blue routes with line pilots heralding the system as a “huge bonus and a valuable safety enhancement”.

Carolyn Corvi, Vice President and General Manager of the Boeing737/757 programs said the display demonstrates an ongoing commitment to safety enhancement of Boeing products.

“Virgin Blue is the first airline to fly commercially with this sophisticated flight deck technology. We applaud Virgin Blue’s commitment to this type of innovation.

We continue to consciously work on systems that enhance aviation safety,” Corvi said. “The VSD is an excellent example of Boeing’s commitment to ensure a safe air transportation system. As our launch customer for this technology, Virgin Blue will be the first to reap the benefits of VSD.”

Virgin Blue operates a fleet of 28 modern 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft and a program is currently being devised to retrofit all Next-Generation aircraft with VSD by the end of the year. Virgin Blue has recently ordered another 10 737 aircraft, with purchase rights on another 40

28th Mar 2003, 12:02
What is so new about all this. Airbus introduced this technology in their A320 back in 1992-3 almost exactly 10 years ago. I aggree it is good and it is good to see that Boeing has finally done something about it.

Have a nice day

28th Mar 2003, 12:11
Good point. The difference is that this time its on an aeroplane. Well done VB

29th Mar 2003, 17:40
"Carolyn Corvi, Vice President and General Manager of the Boeing737/757 programs...."

757?? Is there something Virgin isn't telling us

29th Mar 2003, 19:19
The best commercial and technical A/C in the world is the A320...anybody with half a brain knows that!...er, that is, except for those who have never flown it...who will now commence to bitch like *******! Funny 'bout that! ;)

30th Mar 2003, 00:06
Yeh, maybe ten years ago, unless you have been in a cage for a while, the 777 has taken over in terms of technology, reliability and general system quality.
You may want to do a little catching up on your reading:D :D

30th Mar 2003, 09:05
There we go...what'd I say!...;)

stable approach
30th Mar 2003, 09:40
You may want to have a chat with one of the pilots who have gone on to the 777 after flying the A320/A330/A340.
You would be surprised.

30th Mar 2003, 13:46
stable approach, I'll help you out there:

The 777 may look pretty, easy to fly and do a good job be it a little uneconomical, but technically advanced....errrr NO. Sadly it and all Boeing aircraft have a long way to go before they catch up to the technical standard of the A320/A330/A340.

Boeing also admitted this publically when one of their management stated that they avoided to much technology in order to keep the 777 as close as possible to the 747-400.

Have a nice day

30th Mar 2003, 15:14
Rabbit et al,

That's dirty pool. Comparing a real aeroplane with a flying video game. The 777's strength lies in it not only being way way ahead of the competition but in giving the appearance of being simply a well designed Boeing that's not too special. Like a Bentley..the excellence is there but understated.

Airbus have done a wonderful marketing job and the 330 concept is good in its way...but if you're talking advanced heavy metal stuff that real pilots will enjoy then there's no comparison. The 777 wins hands down. All experts agree on that, not just pilots with a heart but especially experts who have run the numbers.

Anyone who says that the 777 is similar to the 774 is probably just a jealous 774 driver wishing.

As for the 737 NG the only real problem is that Boeing didn't use enough of the very advanced B777 technology. Pity.

Safe flying

30th Mar 2003, 19:37
Hmmm...still the usual drivel from those who have flown one type only...not the two! No credibility guys! ;)

Clearance Clarance
31st Mar 2003, 06:21
How many of the ex Ansett A320's had VSD actually fitted?

31st Mar 2003, 06:34
Amos 2...

So comment not agreeing with yours is drivel. Tells us all a lot.
Fortunately I had an education that included reading and analysis so I can form opinions based not only on what I fly (the 777) but what I read, see, hear in the crew room and figure out for myself.

This is a PILOT network we're on and I simply make the comment that apart from its technical, visual and commercial superirority Boeing have done a great job at keeping the 777 a pilots aeroplane.

31st Mar 2003, 07:50
Anyway back to the original topic - has anyone flown VBT with the VSD recently and care to comment on their "hands-on" experience ?

Kaptin M
31st Mar 2003, 09:28
So is this claim, "Australia’s low fare airline, Virgin Blue has taken delivery of the first commercial aircraft in the world to have Vertical Situation Display (VSD) in the cockpit.", correct or not?

31st Mar 2003, 13:53
Well, just to answer elektra...
No, if you disagree with me you're not talking drivel. It is drivel however when you and others rubbish an aircraft you've never flown!
Having flown most of the classic 737s, of which the -300 was in my opinion the best balanced, and then having flown the A320, I can tell you that the bus is a far superior a/c notwithstanding the fact that the 737s are no slouch.
However, the bus flies higher, faster, carries more payload, is more economical, has a better cockpit, a better FMC a better panel and a jump seat that leaves the 37 sadly wanting. And of course I haven't even mentioned the bank and stall protection or the side stick controller. Try it one day, you'll be a convert for life believe me! Have never flown the 777 but my mates tell me it's a superb a/c, you'd agree with that, and I have no reason to doubt them, so I don't knock it.
I have flown the 744 sim and what a superb a/c that is. Some sim time on the 767 also convinced me of the merits of that machine. What a great cockpit on both of them.
The 330 and 340 win over any one who's flown them (sadly not me) and have an even better cockpit set up in my opinion.
I guess you can see by now the point I'm trying to make. Forget the reading and the analysis, you need to fly both to make a true comparison. But having said that, you are of course entitled to your opinion and are free to express it. Let's just state it without the rubbish and rancour eh?

By the way, I gather you have time on the Electra...now there's an airplane! ;)

31st Mar 2003, 14:04
we are talking abot VSDs amoth an not compering dicks at a urinale. I now a lot of pilots who think that the a320 is a peace of frogshite like the a310 also is.

any ways stick to the subject.

31st Mar 2003, 15:18
...well said Dexter...member of the junior flyers club are we? Well may we be talking about VSD...your problem seems to be VD! :cool:

31st Mar 2003, 15:23
Fantastic punctuation and delivery Dexter! You must proud of that skill you possess. Just out of interest, what is a "urinale"? A corral or meeting place for the male appendage in the "little boys" room perhaps? Or just a trendy way of saying "urinal"?

"Compering" also sounds decidedly like hideous act done to oneself in somewhat privacy..... Compare the way others spell the words that you were trying for...... about, piece, know etc, it really isn't that hard.

Capital letters are part of the whole deal too...... Not to mention that the spelling of amos2's name is right in front of you.

I'm in no position to debate the subject of VSD, and just because you know a bloke who knows a bloke, do you have any more idea than I? The only thing I'll say about it is that in the U.S. it (VSD, via companies such as Raytheon), would appear to be filtering down through the corporate jet market and into the high-end GA machines.

Have a wonderfully fulfilling day! :}

Edit: Don't you just hate that....... Beaten, just. ;)

31st Mar 2003, 19:09

Actually I never flew the Electra. "Elektra" comes from quite another world. many years on 727 though...the 777 has some of the feel of the tri-jet. And with any luck I'll never do another conversion so I'll have to take the word of others for the undoubted joys of Airbus technology


31st Mar 2003, 22:14

while I like Buses more than 73s myself I thought one of the NG series selling points was a 2,000 ft extra service altitude compared to the 32x?

or were you only comparing the 733 spec?

1st Apr 2003, 09:22
It will be interesting to see how Qantas goes when their Head Up Displays are up and running.

2nd Apr 2003, 07:42
Having flown VBT I found the VSD a cheap gimmick, and would be very surprised to see VB install it as standard on the rest of the fleet. You can only have the VSD displayed on the DU with the compass rose, as the VSD is situated at the bottom of the screen, therefore you cannot display it on the MAP page due to covering up the aircrafts position. The terrain function is a bit of an overkill considering our terrain in this country (and considering we already have a terrain function), so for me it got a big thumbs down.:eek:

6th Apr 2003, 12:07
Have spoken to people that have flown both the A330/340 and B777.
Both guys said the B777 wins hands down - and they weren't previous Boeing fans.

By the way - apparently the boss of CX said recently at an operations meeting that the A340 hasnt been the profit generator as they thought.
In fact to date its promised performance compared to realised operational figures has been disappointing.

That is why you saw Singapore Airlines ditch their A340's in favour of B777's......and the Airbuses were cheaper.

6th Apr 2003, 17:58
Well "bulkhead" I am going to pick on you again:

Your quote "Have spoken to people that have flown both the A330/340 and B777. Both guys said the B777 wins hands down - and they weren't previous Boeing fans".

Unlike you I have flown BOTH 777 and 320/340. Each of the types have there good points and depending on what aspect you are referring to, one or the other is better than the other. All are great to fly from a pilots point of view. The 340 is somewhat more economical, but a little slower than the 777. The 777 has good passenger appeal but noisy wheras the 340 is the quietest in air at the moment. I also can say I have pilot friends who have flown both and who likes what best is about 50/50. I think both arte good and I was a previous Boeing fan before I did my A320 course.

Re your CX comment, it is opposite to what is published in their own publicity documents(refer to their website) and your comment about SIA, well they may be trading in their A340-300's as the Boeing 777 deal was too good to refuse (not performance related) and thay are shortly to start receiving their new A340-500's (due to performance) and they have a significant order of A380's outstanding.

I think it might be timely to mention that Boeing v Airbus is OK but one should be careful to be factual and not a dreamer. The other point is that this has nothing to do with the original topic but apparently some young fellows can't help themselves when it comes to this rivalry

Have a nice day