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25th Mar 2003, 10:29
Last Fridays Australian Aviation section ,Had BAE looking for new aviation companies to lease 2x200 146 &1x100 currently leased to Qantas link/Nation jet.Any word from the Queen Bee as to what is going on.

Truth Seekers Int'nl
28th Mar 2003, 18:24

29th Mar 2003, 07:05
Has anyone got any news on the state of play at National Jet Systems, will they replace the 146's and keep their Qantas contracts??? Let's hope so.

29th Mar 2003, 11:23
Maybe they'll be replaced by 717's??

29th Mar 2003, 13:30

well NJS are being phased out, it looks like it is goodbye to PIGS ( 14Sux ) in the not too distant future.

" Remember, when you are there you have arrived. "

The Spin Doctor
1st Apr 2003, 04:14
In regards to 146 being replaced by 717 I think that the chances are against it at this stage given

-apparently impulse saying that no expansion for at least 12 mths
-redeployment of international fleet domestically
-b733 in one class(mainline) and some more spare ones from jetconnect if alliance goes ahead.

Most likely option as NJS leases expire they are not renewed and existing 717 operate on those routes with mainline retaking existing 717 routes.

rescue 1
1st Apr 2003, 14:22
Spare jets from Jetconnect?

5th Apr 2003, 14:53
Any NJS people know of a Bae146 Sim Instructor called Brian Hunter?

A chap in NZ is portraying himself as a NJS Sim Instructor and talking of getting people jobs blah blah.....

Rumours are that this guy is a scammer from way back...even impersonating a flight instructor without actually having license and another story has him fraudulently hiring an aircraft solo but having to be talked back onto the ground when he failed to read the "How to land" chapter of his Fenwick manual.


5th Apr 2003, 17:44
Brian Hunter ???

Never heard of him in the NJS Sim scene.

Sounds like your whispers have some truth in them.

7th Apr 2003, 04:44
Thanks Agent 86,

Another person involved with Brian Hunter is a Steve O'Hara...is anyone by this name within the NJS framework???


The Baron
7th Apr 2003, 08:38
I've never heard of those 2 guys. Somebody in NZ should have a yarn to the regulatory authorities...:confused:

15th Apr 2003, 00:43
Do National Jet operate an HS 125 VH-LMP?

I'm with stupid
16th Apr 2003, 15:37
wee wily, yes, and it's a BAe1000

16th Apr 2003, 18:51
Well actually they don't.

And yes it is a Bae1000

The BAe1000 operation separated in 1999 (ish)

It may however still be maintained by NJS

17th Apr 2003, 17:37
I thought LMP was owned by Santos but maintained and looked after by NJS?:bored:

bush mechanics
22nd Apr 2003, 22:06
Dosnt Santos own the a/c or just lease it from NJS?