View Full Version : Trained so far in US...how far behind the curve when doing CPL/IR in the UK ?

23rd Mar 2003, 09:18
I have completed all my flight training, to date, in the US; this being my PPL, night and ME. Although i fly regulalrly in the UK, this has all been in Class G, speaking only with airfield information services on arrival and departure, and when obtaining a RIS.
I have just completed my theory exams, and ready to start my CPL and IR, which i aim to complete in the UK. My question is has anyone else been in this situation, and did they find they were behind the curve at all so to speak when they started their training in the UK, or was it ok ? :rolleyes:

23rd Mar 2003, 20:05
To be completely honest the CPL isn't much harder than the PPL, but with tigher tolerences.

I know of people who have flown in the US and their Nav is complete cr*p. They have just been following the VORs around. You could save yourself some time and money by getting a ppl instructor to take you on some nav exs. Try and nav in something that will cruise above 100kts. I'm guessing you will be in an arrow for your test therefore cruising @<hidden> 120kts. Get used to the speed.

Make sure you are comfortable with RT try transiting a few atz.

24th Mar 2003, 09:04
As has been said, it's basically PPL skills test with tighter tolerances.

The only big difference is that you go simulated IMC on the diversion leg, and you have to keep up your navigation by radio fixes, so that when the screens come back down you know where you are and can navigate to the diversion point.

This is bit where most people come a cropper (me included:O ), so if you can find an instructor to practice this now you will be ahead of the curve.

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