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Desk Driver
21st Mar 2003, 14:28
Does anyone know where I can find what the Laker "Skytrain" schedules were?

24th Mar 2003, 20:56
I haven't had time to check but you might care to browse through this. http://airlines.afriqonline.com/airlines/781.htm

Desk Driver
25th Mar 2003, 08:03
Thanks thats a great site, But, unfortunately does not have the schedules so my question still stands

25th Mar 2003, 10:27
If youy are at Gatwick, there should be an "Aviation Enthusiasts Fair" at Crawley Sports Centre sometime soon - there usually is this time of year. I went there a year or two back and there were lots of elderly airline timetables available...

Desk Driver
25th Mar 2003, 12:37
Thanks Tread

I've seen it advertised outside the leisure center

28th Mar 2003, 23:41
If you're willing to pay, there are old timetable sales/swap websites. I think posting links to them would fall foul of the commercial ban, but do a google search. The two I saw both had Laker examples from way back. Apart from that, the only other record would be the LGW tower logs (although those would give actuals not schedules), which I understand are available - I saw a link once but didn't keep it.

30th Mar 2003, 12:21
If my memory serves me right the schedules were published in the ABC World Airways Guide at the time. If you can pin down years/months you could check them there.

The company that published the guides is now called OAG, Official Airline Guide, and they are in Dunstable near Luton. They have an archive of old editions of the monthly guide.

If there still is such a thing, the CAA Library in Holborn also used to have old copies, you could try there.

30th Mar 2003, 12:55
The director of marketing for the Laker organisation was more or less responsible for the success of Skytrain, until they were done in by outside interests.
He sold five thousand tickets to MIA in the first ten days.
He is associated with our company now and has forgotten more about airline marketing than most folks will ever know.