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19th Mar 2003, 12:45
What is the better bet for flying experience for post CPL/IR? Not necessrily to hour build but just to keep your hours ticking along and your currency. Is it best to go all out and make sure you fly multi-engine and in IFR conditions? Or is it worth getting out there and flying single engine VFR stuff?

If you love flying then you will want to do anything but I want to make sure that the flying done is though of as reputable by any potential employer.

What do you think?

19th Mar 2003, 16:01
I do single engine stuff, alternatively General Handling and IFR (real IMC if possible), to keep the hours ticking over, plus the odd jolly flight VFR. Having a share in an aircraft helps.

I then go to a piston twin simulator fairly regularly to keep up the multi-IFR skills ready for that sim ride or IR renewal. The one I go to (an old but functional FNPT(G)) is almost a tenth of the price of the real thing so you can see the savings.


20th Mar 2003, 16:23
Any chance of letting me know where the cheap fnpt is?
I am planning on doing single stuff as it seems a bit of a waste doing the twin IFR stuff without someone checking that you are doing it right etc and within the standards.

20th Mar 2003, 20:06
London Metropolitan University (formerly Guildhall), next to the Tower of London. 25ph solo, (20 for students and ex-students).

It's configured as a Seneca 1 and is kept functional, but is very old. People who are not known to the department are required to do a quick check ride at 75ph before flying the thing solo!!!

Splat and I go fairly regularly and repair to the pub to moan about the state of the job market afterwards:D

29th Mar 2003, 01:34
I would definitely be interested in coming with you guys if you are doing the sim. Drop me an e-mail next time you're intending on going!

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