View Full Version : Solomon Islands government considers Virgin Blue as second airline

19th Mar 2003, 08:26
ABC Radio Australia News

Solomon Islands government considers Virgin Blue as second airline

The Solomon Islands Government says it is negotiating with Virgin Blue of Australia about becoming the country's second airline company as part of an open skies policy.

Government authorities and the chairman of Solomon Airlines, Michael Maena, have met representatives of Virgin Blue to discuss the possibility of the airline operating international and domestic routes in the country.

The Pacific Islands News Association says Virgin Blue is looking at expanding internationally and has been talking with a number of potential Pacific islands destinations.

However, a Solomon Island's MP, Alfred Sasako, has expressed concern at the deal saying it has put the future of Solomon Airlines at grave risk at a time when airline staff had to be laid off to save costs.

19/03/2003 08:17:48 | ABC Radio Australia News

19th Mar 2003, 13:11
I reckon that dealing with the Solomon Islands Government would be very similar to dealing with the PNG Government.

Negotiating with "people" who have no idea.

"Logic", "Integrity", "Credibilty", "Honour". Sori tumas, mi no savi.

Good Luck Virgin.

24th Mar 2003, 10:31
Hey TurbTool,

Sounds like you might have had some first hand experience in the Land of the Unexpected.

Don't let that get you down.

It would be interesting to see Virgin take up any such offer though.

Captain Gidday
24th Mar 2003, 15:36
VB are only interested in cherry picking. This one is just a lemon.

25th Mar 2003, 06:00
I note the article headline is:

Solomon Islands government considers Virgin Blue as second airline


Virgin Blue considers operating to and within the Solomon Islands as second airline

Pinky the pilot
29th Mar 2003, 06:10
Anyone got any info. on what things are like in the Solomons these days? Last I heard it was worse than PNG so why VB would even think about having anything to do with the place..
Like TurbTool, mi no savi:confused: